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Season 10 GT6, 4 PCars, & 8 AC Teams Championship
The Teams Championship is a friendly, yet fiercely contested fight-within-a fight on the Raceonoz site and has been a major success over the past seasons. 8 teams entered in Season ... read more
Gran Turismo 6 Season 10 Final Round
Just One round remains for Divisions 2 and 3 in Season 10 of Gran Turismo 6, Emmo46 has already wrapped up one title, and Bmx-mtb-boy and Warrior2167 look poised to ... read more
Gran Turismo 6 Season 10 Rounds 5-6
4 Rounds were all that was left on the Gran Turismo 6 calendar as the fleet of drivers and cars descended on the Ascari circuit for the first time in ... read more
Project Cars Season 4 Final Round
One final round remains on Project Cars before we farewell the amazing Ginetta GT4. It has won the hearts of many drivers over the last 6 weeks with its ability ... read more
Project Cars Season 4 Rounds 5-6
Just 3 rounds remained and the championship protagonists were becoming ever clearer after a dramatic opening 4 rounds. Now beyond the halfway point, the pressure would ramp up and with ... read more
Gran Turismo 6 Season 10 Rounds 3-4
The prancing horses of the 10th season of the GTLOZ had arrived at the bull ring for the Sprint Round, one of the most intense and exciting rounds on the ... read more
Project Cars Season 4 Rounds 3-4
Silverstone is a classic venue that is recognized around the world as the host of many great races, events and some of the most demanding corners on the grand prix ... read more
Gran Turismo 6 Season 10 Rounds 1-2
Gran Turismo 6 returns once again for Season 10 of the GTLOZ. The game may be become a little retro now, however the season started off with an even bigger ... read more
Project Cars Season 4 Rounds 1-2
The incredibly tricky and demanding Imola Grand Prix Circuit opens a new era of Project Cars Sunday League. The previous rule book and form guide had been thrown out and ... read more
Season Prize Pack!
This season we are really pleased to announce.... ROOZ will be offering another cross platform prize pack courtesy of TURTLE BEACH. As always, there are eligibility conditions that all drivers have to meet...that ... read more
The Interviewooz - Warrior2167
Hello everyone and welcome to our second installment of the Interviewooz! Our first interview received an amazing reaction, so it's our pleasure to bring you a second! And what a ... read more
Season 9 GT6 & Season 3 PCars Teams Championship
As the division lists filled out, all drivers across the Project Cars League, and the veterans of the Ninth Gran Turismo 6 Season were eager to find out whose team ... read more