Posted on Tuesday 24th October at 11:05 PM

Ahoy me'hart'ehs ROOZ's 13th Season of Assetto Corsa League has kicked off in Pirate style with GT-yyaaaaR's a'blazn'n around Vallelunga's extended circuit for 25 laps.


Thanks to @Marty for the sreen shot above and used for the banner, sporting fantastic liveries by KoAStR, Shaun_A, and two from TheStig13! Marty took 2nd by just 0.5s to 1st place after qualifying in pole making for an exciting opening round.


Marty's tv highlights of battles for the lead with Ed40t and KoAStR is great watching.


Check out the in-car highlights from jLynn777's screaming GTR as he battles through the pack.


Keep up with all the action and the sweet cross platform prize up for grabs from PAGNIAN IMPORTS in the season thread: 

See you next round!


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