Enter P-CARS2
Posted on Tuesday 14th November at 10:33 PM

P-CARS2: ROOZ Season 1 Launches. 

Finally the wait is over! Forget career mode, time trials and public lobbies, come and experience the most authentic PS4 league racing with RaceOnOZ on Project Cars 2.

Season 1 has just begun so jump straight into the deep end of high category motor sport in the R.S. 01 GT3, the most powerful one-make racer built by Renault and the only model not based on a production car, visiting some of the best tracks from around the world.


The time to get involved in a new era of console sim racing is now!


Keep up with all the action and the sweet cross platform prize up for grabs from PAGNIAN IMPORTS in the ROOZ PCLOZ forum by CLICKING HERE.




Content credit: Bounty05


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