Posted on Friday 12th October at 8:59 AM

On 3 Fridays this November, the drivers at RaceOnOz will be locked in a 3-way battle with two other GT Sport online communities for the MGC Cup!

Our competition are the racers from Platinum Racers Paddock, and Supreme Racing League.

All the details can be found here:


The reason we are all competing is to drive cars with people of like-minded interest. So let's look at what we will be driving!


Round 1, picked by PRP, is the BIG Dodge Hellcat, coming in at almost 2 tonnes...


Round 2, picked by ROOZ is the Group C Beast, Nissan R92CP, with more than 900BHP!

SRL livery TBD


Round 3, picked by SRL, is the nimble Toyota 86 Grp.4, which should offer super close racing for the final round.

SRL livery TBD



At this stage, we are looking running two rooms, so if you haven't already, sign up now as there is always more room for clean drivers!


Thanks to Hatfield, Belegur, and kartdude45 for the ROOZ, PRP, and SRL teams liveries

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