GT Sport - Season 5
Posted on Friday 12th October at 9:27 AM

This Sunday the new Season 5 begins in the BEAST... The Nissan R92CP!!

We have over 50 drivers signed up to try and tame it, divided into 8 teams in the Cross Platform Teams Championship.

If you haven't put your name down yet, there is no time like the present. Signup can be completed here:


To get those hearts pumping, let's take a look at some of the already completed team liveries.


GRT is striped in black and red on a white base and is sponsored by The Gamesmen.


NLR has gone for yellow over black and is sponsored by Next Level Racing.


ICR has angled red on white and is sponsored by IgnitiON Controls.


TLR is running blue with white and is sponsored by Turn Left.


BHR is adorned in green and white and is sponsored by the late great Bruce Hale.


PRT is sleek in black with orange and is sponsored by Pagnian Imports.


RZR is smooth in silver with a bright green top and powered by Turtle Beach.


SAR is sporting blue with white/red stripes and is sponsored by Selby Acoustics


Also thanks to PAGNIAN for providing the prizes for the last season of the year, 2 x Wheelstand lites valued at $199 each !
Remember drivers must race and complete 4 of the 7 rounds to be eligible for the PAGNIAN prize draw at seasons end.

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