50 Seasons of Gran Turismo
Posted on Wednesday 12th April at 1:07 PM

As the Raceonoz community gears up for its 50th season of racing in the Gran Turismo game series, there is a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation in the air. For over a decade, the Raceonoz community has been a fixture in the world of virtual racing, attracting some of the most skilled and dedicated racers from Australia and New Zealand.


What started as a small community of racing enthusiasts has grown into a massive network of like-minded individuals who share a passion for Gran Turismo and the art of competitive racing. Over the years, Raceonoz has hosted countless races, tournaments, and events, cementing its reputation as one of the premier racing communities in our region.


As we approach the 50th season of racing, it's worth taking a moment to reflect on the many milestones and accomplishments that have brought us to this point. From the early days of Gran Turismo 5 on the PlayStation 3 to the cutting-edge graphics and gameplay of the latest installment on the PlayStation 5, Raceonoz has been a constant presence, adapting and evolving along with the game series itself.


Of course, none of this would be possible without the incredible dedication and passion of the Raceonoz community. Over the years, we've seen racers come and go, but the core values of sportsmanship, fair play, and respect have remained constant. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the world of Gran Turismo, Raceonoz offers a welcoming and supportive environment where racers of all skill levels can come together and compete at the highest level.


But don't take my word for it, we opened a series of questions to our community to see what they thought about Raceonoz:


How long have you been a member of the Raceonoz community, and what initially drew you to it?


leeboy910 - Since the beginning. I was a member of the old GTLOz format from Whirlpool. GT5 started the real online racing fun for me and I just happened to stumble upon the league via Whirlpool. A few messages and some momentum was gathered and we kicked off the whole thing with that pig of an Audi!!


Noodles87 - I joined ROOZ on the 7th of October 2020. I remember Viperzed posted season 13 signups on Twitter. I was getting a little tired from the FIA sport mode races so I decided I wanted a change, so I signed up & the rest is history


CaptainRisky21 - Coming up on 6 years now, joined August 2017. Saw a lobby on GT6 called RaceOnOz Practice around Silverstone in GT300 cars, asked some questions and was racing a week later


Viperzed - I joined the community in early 2015 and started league racing not long after. I was invited along by a group of friends that I used to race an F1 League with. JonoStan96, Beau Albert, Nathancarhead and Randm90 can all be credited (or blamed) for my arrival here. 


Mirkz2010 - About 1 year - I had just moved to NSW, didn't know anyone here and was looking for something new to do in my down time (and maybe make some new friends along the way)


Kieran_B33 - Was involved in another league with JonoStan96 and joined under his recommendation


btwong - Just on a year. Was looking for a "just for fun" type racing league in Australia for GT7, and stumbled across a few via google. I did notice that the forums at ROOZ were relatively active, and a new season was coming up, so i quickly registered, asked if i could join the season (Season 47 - Jag F-Type), was immediately welcomed, placed in a division - and the rest is history


Ian Cannan - I started early in GTSport Season 3. I happened to race Knuckles in a daily race. Had a great battle. After which he said I should check out rooz. The rest is history


Hatfield - I was racing with a past champion of Rooz, warrior2167, in another small time league when he mentioned another league race on a Sunday night. It didn't clash with my other races, so I asked him for the details, and signed up for the first season of GT6 in January 2014


What's been your most memorable experience racing with Raceonoz?


leeboy910 - I've won two championships, but the most memorable moment was probably when I found out the number of seasons between championship wins...46!


Noodles87 - My first race. It was with the Super GT Nissan GT500 around Dragon Trail Seaside. Had an awesome battle with Keeden & Matt for P1. Another memorable experience was winning the ROOZ Red Bull Ring 2h enduro in the Citroen GR3 race car 


CaptainRisky21 - Hard to go past my first win in Season 11, Round 1, holding off Keeden (who had won the previous 10 div 1 titles by a landslide) and other FIA top split regulars


Viperzed - It's hard to pick just one! I've had so many fond memories across 8 years of league racing. If I was forced, It'd have to be the Nurburgring 3 Hour victory I shared with one of my best mates, Razor4797. We dubbed ourselves the DS4 Dream Team thanks to both being controller users and enjoyed every second of Jono's enduro series


Mirkz2010 - After a couple of races or so in my first season, I was feeling very out of my depth. Everyone was quite fast compared to me, even in the lowest Div and I was struggling. One of the members reached out on PSN Messenger and gave me some friendly advice and encouragement that kept me going. (There's been a couple of other times a Rooz member has reached out with advice or willing to help me learn and improve my racing)


Kieran_B33 - Probably the RS01 season, won the title and was room host/captain


btwong - I think the endurance round at Nürburgring (season 48). 11 laps i think. Have always hated that track, and dreaded the race for it, but over the week of practicing, learning the break points, when to push, when to be steady on the throttle and then finally the race - i came to love that track


Ian Cannan - There are too many to mention. But finishing ahead of Hatfield in any race is a bonus (Note from Hatfield: Looks like I have a target to beat in Season 50)


Hatfield - I think of many things associated with this question, but the one that stands above the rest is sharing the track with GT Academy winner Matthew Simmons (MINT_GTR). He is just another Roozer, but he is a testament to show that with enough talent and hard work, us gamers have a shot at racing a real life race car


With the 50th season of Gran Turismo coming up, what changes or improvements would you like to see in the game?


leeboy910 - Gran Turismo has been screaming for larger grids for online racing. Surely some decent servers and 24 car grids are possible with current gen hardware!


Noodles87 - Not much, mainly lag in lobbies need to be fixed 


CaptainRisky21 - Where do I start? Letting us see PP/power and weight numbers of entered cars would be nice so we could properly bring endurance racing back, and I guess being able to buy engine swaps


Viperzed - Member List (to bring back BOP series'), More Cars and Tracks, and a more in depth feedback style for the wheel


Mirkz2010 - I'd love to see some JZX 100's in the game (Chaser, Mark II)


Kieran_B33 - I'd like to see pit stops in game go back to the GT6 style instead of the "cutscene" style that we've had since GT Sport


Ian Cannan - When I first started there were normally a couple of strategies that could be used if you put your mind to it. This seems to have gone. Would love to see it return


Hatfield - Larger grids, more private lobby customisation, and less network/lag issues


What's your favourite car to race in Gran Turismo, and why? 


leeboy910 - I really like the Mercedes AMG GT3. Great noise, decent power and excellent handling. I also enjoy the Supra GT500 and Yaris GR!


Noodles87 - I don't have a favourite car, but I always enjoy racing road cars. The low aero & lack of grip always makes for intense racing 


CaptainRisky21 - Alfa Romeo 4C Gr.3, JonoStan picked it for me in the first W.E.T. season on GT Sport and I've loved it ever since


Viperzed - My favourite for Rooz was the Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition that we used in Season 6 of GT6, my only Championship winning car, however the SF19 we used late in GT Sport holds a place in my heart too. Both just due to being real drivers cars with particular styles, The LFA slidey, and the SF19, incredibly gripped up


Kieran_B33 - I like to tune cars that aren't really meant for the track into high performance machines


btwong - Changes all the time. Currently the Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept for Gr3 and the Nissan SILVIA spec-R AERO (S15) for Gr4. Why? I seem to drive FR cars better


Ian Cannan - Without a doubt it is the Porsche 956. It's a real handful, but the main reason is that I'm a big Stefan Bellof fan


Hatfield - The Lamborghini Miura. There's just something about that car


How do you prepare for a race in terms of practice and strategy? 


leeboy910 - Depending on how much time I have during the week, I'll do some practice laps, usually a full race distance to gauge tyre wear and fuel usage. In terms of strategy, I usually have a couple of options floating in my head depending on how qualifying goes and the characteristics of the car.


Noodles87 - I like to listen to music while I'm practicing. I've been doing it for ages as it calms my nerves


CaptainRisky21 - I used to put countless hours in but I'm not at school anymore. I'll do a few laps before the race for Sunday League, however for tuning events I'll typically put a few hours in


Viperzed - These days, very little! The faster I've gotten over time, the less I've felt the need to practice, that said combos I enjoy I tend to put in a lot of effort into quali trim practice and maybe the odd stint practice if I'm really motivated


Mirkz2010 - It depends, if the motivation is there I try to jump on during the week and get some practice laps in of the next race so I can familiarise myself with the car and the track. I also enjoy jumping into lobbies with other rooz members but this doesn't happen that often. Other times I'll just show up on the night, join the party chat and spend 30 mins or so in the practice laps before qualifying starts


Kieran_B33 - A lot of the time I just wing it and hope for the best


btwong - Strategy: practice run the car on one compound for as many laps as possible, then determine at what lap i started losing time or running out of fuel. Then that is now my pit lap give or take.
Practice: probably do 3 sets of half races during the week. (maybe alternate between compounds if need to and tweak strategy)


Ian Cannan - I try to do a couple of full race distance runs and then let the strategy fall from there. And then it all turns to !@#$ on the night


Hatfield - This is determined by the amount of time life allows. Ideally, some practice laps to learn the track/car combination, then watch some faster drivers to see where I can make up some time. Finally, a full race distance practice to figure out tyre/fuel wear and select strategy options ie how many times to pit, when to pit, how much fuel to take, whether or not to take tyres, and which tyres


What advice would you give to new members just starting out with Raceonoz or Gran Turismo in general? 


leeboy910 - Don't be put off if you feel like you're not fast or good enough. ROOZ, in my view, is all about community and making each other better. You will only get better if you keep racing, and everyone around ROOZ is eager to help if they can because it means they've got another person to race with and have some good fun on track against.


Noodles87 - To keep practicing & to have as much fun as you can


CaptainRisky21 - Be active in the community! Whether it be opening practice lobbies, joining community events, starting community events or even just answering questions in the forums, it all helps make Rooz feel like a second home. And practice as much as you can, practice makes perfect


Viperzed - Find a group of mates to enjoy it with! Whilst I've been a long time racing game fan, No time on the game compares to when you share it with mates, whether it be for fun, or competitively


Mirkz2010 - Find a group that works for you (the right division, group of people to play with). Listen to advice from people who're faster and more consistent. Consistency is key. With Consistency, comes speed


Kieran_B33 - If there is a practice lobby up and running watch the Div 1 drivers and see how they tackle the circuit and take on board what they are doing and apply it to yourself


btwong - Raceonoz: Its a community of people that love to sim race at all levels. Join a season, and race!! Also, be respectful when racing (but still fight for your position), leave enough room for the other inside/outside car... and have fun.
Gran Turismo: Consistency is the key


Ian Cannan - Start slow, be patient and do not expect to win on the first night. There have been exceptions though


Hatfield - If you are looking to race online, join a league. You will have less chance of being pushed off the track on purpose, and more chance to race against other drivers in your pace level. The community will help you improve in speed and consistency and you will realise your potential. Watch, listen, and learn


How has participating in Raceonoz impacted your overall enjoyment of the Gran Turismo game series? 


leeboy910 - I loved GT games before ROOZ anyway, but the enjoyment has increased ten fold. The best times I've had playing GT games have been with ROOZ. Whether it is just fun races, top banter with other drivers or some of the car/track combos that the ROOZ team come up with, it's amazing fun and just opens up so many more opportunities to enjoy online racing.


Noodles87 - ROOZ has made me enjoy GT a lot more. It's some of the best racing you can have on the game & everyone treats you with respect on track, making for an enjoyable experience


CaptainRisky21 - In recent times it's been one of the only sources of entertaining racing, with the bare-bones single player and the lack of proper FIA championships. Definitely some of the cleanest online racing on any game as well, which is always good


Viperzed - My participation in Rooz has directly impacted my enjoyment of Gran Turismo. It is the sole reason I purchased GT6 and the reason I put more hours into GT Sport than any other game, ever. It found me new friends, Gave me a greater appreciation for racing in general and even took me onto SBS to be apart of a tv show, all thanks to RaceOnOz


Mirkz2010 - It's certainly prolonged my enjoyment of the game. I go through games pretty quickly sometimes and get bored easily. Having the ongoing commitment/competition has kept me coming back to it


Kieran_B33 - In GT6 there was no real competitive multiplayer racing like we have now in GT Sport or GT7, so that definitely added to the experience. Even now with "sport" mode in the most recent Gran Turismo entries I definitely prefer to race on Raceonoz as there is a safe bet that you can trust the drivers around you, can't say the same racing against random people in sport mode


btwong - Every weekend i look forward to it. Its probably the thing i like most about GT7 actually. Daily races are cool and all... but i want to see my name climb the ROOZ leaderboard!


Ian Cannan - I get much more enjoyment out of the Rooz nights than I do out of the daily online races. Our drivers for the most part are much more respectful


Hatfield - In the beginning, Gran Turismo was just a single player game. Now, it is a community and I've made real life friends from this game. Being able to enjoy it with them is amazing


In your opinion, what sets Raceonoz apart from other racing communities? 


leeboy910 - The organisation is second to none, and almost everyone is committed to clean, fair and hard racing. Some of the long termers like me are still kicking around and that longevity is a hallmark of the ROOZ community. Once you're in, you're IN!


CaptainRisky21 - The community. Professional enough that everybody knows when the races are starting and to race cleanly, but relaxed enough to allow everyone to have a good time. Having multiple divisions so that nobody misses out come race day helps heaps as well


Viperzed - So many communities claim to have that one special thing that no other one does, but I think the crucial thing for us is there's no sheep stations involved. Rooz has been the same core drivers at the heart for years now and for that reason, we don't get mad at eachother, we don't cross the line too far, we enjoy our racing and love that escape that Sunday League gives us


Mirkz2010 - I haven't really looked around at others, but that's probably because this community seems to be fairly well organised and put together. There's rules in place, leaders to give directions and Rooz try and keep the divisions fun but competitive. People who really struggle are often given a helping hand to help them understand and improve their racing ability which overall adds to more close racing, more thrills and enjoyment for all


Ian Cannan - Besides having six guys with beers sitting in my brother's garage playing networked GT3/GT4 on PS2's, Rooz is the only other, and therefore best, league I've been part of


Hatfield - I have been in many other leagues. Running a league isn't especially difficult. Running it well is. Out of all the leagues I have raced in, Raceonoz is the one that had the community support to back it up in a larger capacity. The other aspect is that, while some leagues race only on one game, Rooz has multiple platforms so if you move from one to another, you still have that same community on the forums even if the drivers in the other platform are different


What do you think are the most important qualities for a successful Gran Turismo racer? 


leeboy910 - Unless you're one of those aliens with unreal natural talent, it's all about practice. The more racing you do, the more you learn. Not just in terms of driving skill, but racecraft and strategy and so many other aspects. The best drivers are usually the most committed which should tell you everything.


Noodles87 - Having a positive attitude, willing to learn & having respect 


CaptainRisky21 - Consistency and patience. You can be the quickest guy in time trial but if you can't string 3 laps together then it's all for nothing. And patience when racing will get you a long way, pick your battles and wait for the other guy to make a mistake


Viperzed - To be truly successful, you need to be committed. All the best GT racers have been absolutely committed to improving themselves and put in the hours to make it happen. There's no quick way to the top of anything, GT is no different


Mirkz2010 - Patience, Consistency and an open mind to absorb different strategies for different cars/tracks


Kieran_B33 - Being respectful


btwong - Patience, respect, and don't be a dive bomber or revengeful punter


Ian Cannan - I don't know. I've never been successful!


Hatfield - Speed, consistency, and patience


Looking back on the last 49 seasons of racing, what are some of the biggest changes you've seen in the Gran Turismo community, and how has Raceonoz adapted to those changes? 


leeboy910 - The continued development of the GT series has seen a huge shift towards online play obviously. There is still a huge offline community as well, judging by the uproar when GT Sport and GT7 released. A lot of uproar from the community about lack of offline racing! ROOZ has rolled with the punches, and picked up some of the more popular aspects and incorporated them into the racing. Team racing and liveries, different community racing events, sponsors, prizes etc. All of this has grown over time and with the releases of GT6, Sport and GT7.


CaptainRisky21 - Hard to say. I'm in my 24th season now, and it has been very much the same throughout. I guess the community is adept at figuring out new updates and the bugs that come with them and being able to work around them, but I'm not sure. Onwards to the next 50 seasons!


Viperzed - The Gran Turismo community found another gear! In GT Sport when the FIA events came to be their most popular, Rooz reached a new level of popularity nationally and internationally when some of our best went overseas to compete for glory. Rooz opened our doors with open arms when the influx of FIA drivers came in to see just how we operate, some of whom are still with us today!

I'd just like to add that having joined Rooz at the tender age of 14, so many people have effectively played a massive role in "raising" me and making me who I am today. I've been with RaceOnOz now for 8 of my 23 years on earth, over a third of my life and that's something I'd like to continue going forward.


Kieran_B33 - Certainly the obstacles that PD has thrown at us when transitioning over to a new entry. But Raceonoz has always found a way to make it work


btwong - i am loving the latest stats we are getting for the whole season. Its cool to see the fastest lap time between all players, as well as the race time, and where you rank. Cheers Matthyus!


Ian Cannan - For me there have been two big changes. One, the increase in the number and quality of driving sims available now, thus diluting the driver base. And two, unreliability of network play when GT7 came out when compared to GTSport. I think this turned a lot of people away permanently to other sims


Hatfield - With each iteration of Gran Turismo, different problems have popped up whether they be on launch, or from an update. Rooz has always found a way to work around them. The other big issue for Gran Turismo isn't really a Gran Turismo issue, or an issue at all per se. The availability of other good online racing games means that the amount of drivers in one single game is reduced. However this is only due to the positivity that is choice.


As we look ahead to the 50th season of racing, there are sure to be many exciting challenges and surprises in store. But one thing is for certain: the Raceonoz community will be there, ready to take on all comers and showcase the very best of virtual racing. So here's to another 50 seasons of Gran Turismo, and to the incredible community that makes it all possible. Let's get racing!


Here are a few member favourite photos from Gran Turismo:


[​IMG] [​IMG]

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