Gold Membership
Posted on Monday 8th September at 11:04 AM

To all loyal ROOZ,


Gold membership is now available, it can be found under your profile menu, hover your mouse over your username, a drop down menu will appear (just like logging out) the option above "log Out" is labelled "Account Upgrades" this is where you can activate your Gold Membership with a few clicks of the mouse. Or alternativel you can click here.


This is not compulsory but it all helps in keeping us here.


Here is Juzzo's description in the link:


We have come a long way since the leagues inception in 2010, and still going strong.

As with most communities, we thrive on attracting new sponsors to provide you guys with amazing prizes. This trend will continue thanks to the great team we have working behind the scenes. Unfortunetely though, in order for Raceonoz to continue, we need some contribution to pay for server costs and development. These costs have gone up considerably over the years because of the amount of traffic this site generates.

Previously we attempted to run advertisements on the site but this resulted in a negative experience for all our members, we never want to do that again.

Up to this point, I have been against any form of donations from our great members but at this stage, it's necessary for us to stay sustainable.

Members who donate, your account will be upgraded to Gold Member status. It will be displayed as a banner underneath your username. This shows that you contribute to the future of Raceonoz.


In signing up you will get a shiny new banner to add to your avatar profile tab that will let everyone know that you have helped in keeping our site in existance.



The Mod Team




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