Project Cars Season 5 Pre-Season
Posted on Friday 28th October at 10:39 AM
Project CARS league has returned for its fifth installment. This time the beast of a car is the BMW Z4 GT3, the quickest car we have had since Season 1 in the RUF. A very stable car will invite the drivers to push, but a stiff suspension layout will be sure to punish the drivers who push that bit too far. The car is relatively under powered compared to some other GT3s, meaning we should still see some pack racing like we saw in the lower powered Ginetta last time around.
The Track list for this season’s 7 rounds look set to make for a cracking series, with many tracks being seen for the first time ever. Those include Willow Springs, Laguna Seca and Donington National. However another first time circuit that has caught everybody’s eyes and divided people’s thoughts is the Nurburgring Nordschelife. The 20km marathon will test the driver’s concentration to the limit, barriers lining the circuit the whole way through the high speed roller coaster.
Once again we see 4 Divisions taking to the grid for this season.
In the top split we have some of the usual contenders and some new faces to the site entirely, ready to challenge for the top spot. Reigning champion Beau_Albert returns to BHR once again to hold off the drivers hunting him down. Expected by many to lead that charge is Season 3 champion Samsung1998Racer, but expected to go with him are the likes of Slambobagan, TRL_Holl01 and the GTAcademy Nationalists from this year including CTRacing and Gowie22. Mikeruntbike also made some large impressions in Division 2 last season, if he continues his upward run he could be a serious title contender when the curtains close at Dubai in 7 weeks’ time.
Division 2 is filled to the brim with drivers ready to attack turn one at the Bugatti Circuit. Amongst them include drivers Jim_aka_the_man, Kart-No-1, V8power383, ADZA_85 and CobMcCool to name just 5 of the 16 candidates that could be fighting it out for title glory. There really is no weak link to be seen in this field and whoever manages to come out on top in this field are certainly going to be a well deserving and hard-fought champion.
13 drivers are ready to go bumper to bumper is Division 3 this season. A bunch of regular faces to the site are fighting it out in this Division, so there could be quite a bit of rivalry going on from previous season. The racing is expected to be fast and furious and with such a close bunch of guys, this very well could be the closest division of them all by the end of this championship. If you think you can pick a clear winner in this field, I’d have to say I think you’re wrong! After the first 3 rounds we may get a clearer picture of who is fighting toward the front here, but I think it might take 7 races to be one hundred percent sure.
Lastly in Division 4 we have another 13 drivers who will be looking to claim top honors. Regulars such as rossi0nsx, fezza, George, Dev1lman_87 and Nathancarhead will be looking to fight amongst themselves for victory over the coming races, but with some new faces in this division heading into Round 1, they could all be blown out of the water. These drivers are constantly improving, so expect to see the form guide change more than once before the season is done!
The season will feature all the rounds we have come to love in this championship including the Sprint Round, which Snetterton will be hosting this season, and the endurance round at Dubai, which was also the endurance round host back in Season 1. However we will be heading to Donington this season as well, and from the current weather reports, the poor workers at Michelin might need to start working on some wet weather tires because it is going to get slippery! To provide further variation to this season, the season opener won’t be beginning under the sun, but instead under the lights of the Bugatti Circuit as drivers fight for position, whilst fighting for visibility toward the back half of the track.
It’s going to be yet another interesting season of Project Cars, don’t turn away for a single second because I have a feeling this championship season is going to be a bumpy ride!
Until next time….
Writer: Beau_Albert
Tables Courtesy of DRZ-Hatfield
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