F1 2016 Season 1 Pre-Season
Posted on Friday 28th October at 10:42 AM

It’s not a common Occurrence we see a new league join the center stage on Raceonoz.com, but the F1 2016 World Championship has certainly provided a platform in which a full blown racing league can take place. Consisting of the full 21 rounds seen in the real World Championship, starting in September, the drivers will hop around the globe, starting in Australia’s Albert Park and ending up fighting to be the inaugural champion of F1 2016 on the site at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi come mid-February.

The Series will take place in a unique way, taking pieces from the site’s major Sunday League. Every 7 races, splitting the championship in 3, each driver will be entitled to a drop round. Therefore by the end of the season, only a driver’s best 18 races will count toward their total score, however they are only permitted to a single drop round per 7 races, leaving them on their toes from start to finish!

Championship will also be awarded for the top point’s scorers for every 7 races just like the Sunday League, however the prize every driver has their eye on is the full championship for the biggest points tally added up across all 3 Legs.

The series was created by N64TheStig007 who is a well known Formula One fanatic, but what were his thoughts on why the response to the greater RACEONOZ community was so great:
"I initially made the series partially due to my unabated passion for Formula One, and also in the hope of playing something else seriously. Years of playing Gran Turismo 5/6 (and more recently PCARS) has left me feeling fatigued, and I believe that is part of the reason why the response has been excellent. I knew making an F1 2016 league would be risky, since the game's predecessor's were simply not good enough, it was was a huge relief to see that F1 2016 was not only a good game for leagues, it was a great video game in general. I really wanted to be able to race with the pinaccle of motorsport with some of the best drivers in ROOZ, so I'm mightily happy at how well it has been received. It's not often one can say Thursday is my favourite day of the week!"

The games physics are unique and will reward a very different driving style compared to the styles needed to fight at the top of Project Cars, Gran Turismo 6 or even Assetto Corsa. So the form guide means nothing heading into the opening round at Albert Park, but let’s have a look at the form guide heading into the opening 7 races of the season, the Flyaway Leg!

Mercedes AMG Petronas features Seth123 and endurance driver, ITZRacing. Seth is an extremely good qualifier and defender, so if he can find his way on pole, you might have a hard time trying to get past the silver arrow.

Scuderia Ferrari will feature Crunch and Zuluwoffle. Originally Cruciald00dz was scheduled to be in the car but will be scheduled to be replaced after the opening rounds, leaving Crunch to lead the Tifosi. Zulu will be looking to help crunch boost the team back into its glory days of the early 2000s.

Williams-Martini Racing features its-benny-racer and randm90, arguably one of the stronger pairings on the grid. Its-benny-racer is a proven, consistent top 5 racer who will always race hard and fair, and always be toward the pointy end. Randm90 suffering a broken wheel hasn’t helped the team thus far, but once fixed, expect the Martini boys to skyrocket in the constructor’s title.

Piloting the beautiful Red Bull Racing cars for Season 1 will be The_Spectre_Au and Zharvs92. Spectre is an incredible qualifier and only needs that extra edge in the race to become a dominant force. Zharvs is on the outskirts of the top 5, but at any chance he gets; you can bet he will be willing to push the front runners to hold onto their positions.

Force India has the combination of Nathancarhead and Come_And_get-me7 who will be looking to score points consistently and capitalize on others mistakes. They should be able to continually perform and push themselves up the constructor’s standings when others fall back.

Renault Sport F1 Team features the creator of the League N64TheStig007 and his teammate Mustafur. Both are exceptionally quick and good in the races for both pace, tyre wear and strategy, this is a team that are going to be tough to beat for both Driver and Teams standings.

Scuderia Toro Rosso sadly isn't fielded for the season thus far, however any applicants will be an automatic-entry into the seats for the World Championship as the Red Bull Junior Program has struggled since its latest driver at 4 years of age failed the seat fitting at their base.

Sauber has the pairing of Viperzed and Motorsports560. Motorsports is a very quick driver and will be looking to push the front runners hard and could be expected to pick up some podium finishes along the way. Alongside him is Viperzed who has done successfully in F1 Leagues in the past, can he get back to his old ways?

McLaren features the driver pairing of Knuckles and Half-Byte. These two should be fighting well within the top 10 and occasionally pushing the top 5. Knuckles appears to be a quick learner, so as the season goes on who knows where he will end up fighting for position.

Manor features everybody’s favorite Hatfield, DRZ-Hatfield! He will be looking to come to grips with the game quickly with a mid-season start, however if previous results are anything to go by he could become a top 5 contender after just a handful of rounds.

HAAS features Beau_Albert and Samsung199Racer. Could this be the in-game Mercedes duo of the championship? Sure they are quick, but the two do everything in different ways, often leading to conflict and questionable on track moves. If the two can stay out of each other’s way, they will be guaranteed front runners, but that’s a big IF.

That’s the roundup of teams for the upcoming F1LOZ season. So what’s next? It’s the opening round at Albert Park which will host the Championship opener, the beginning of a 21 week voyage around the globe that will in the next 7 rounds span Bahrain, China, Russia, Spain, the beautiful Monte Carlo sunset before wrapping up in a fan favorite. What track am I talking aboot, eh? It’s the 100% race distance at the Canadian grand prix!

Be sure to join us in Melbourne next time, as we unleash these raring-to-go drivers around Albert Park.
Until next time….

Writer: Beau_Albert
Tables for the series: DRZ-Hatfield

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