Gran Turismo 6 Season 11 Midway Point
Posted on Friday 25th November at 1:49 PM

Boy oh boy what an exciting start to the season we have had!! Our stops at Bathurst, Deep Forest and Silverstone have been ones to remember as Season 11 in the Honda HSV GT has kicked off in flying colours.

Division 3A and 3B have now established themselves among the community as forces to be reckoned with as Adronaught and Wolfdaddy both lead their respective championships. Bluemoon opened the scoring for div 3, with a commanding win at Bathurst. Here’s what he had to say following:

Bluemoon, Division 3
“It was a good run for me. Hope to retain the speed over the remainder of the season”

Speed is something he did retain at Deep Forest as he played second fiddle to winner and also winner of the Silverstone sprint race, Adronaught. Adronaught currently leads the title race to Bluemoon who is a mere 11 points behind. Division 3 now heads to Twin Ring Motegi like the other divisions with Adro ready for more!

Division 2 last season was a story of what could have been for the speedy GRT boys however all the books are written in RussellEvans01s favour as he leads rookie sensation ssman244 by 5 points heading to our Japanese wet round.

Bathurst saw our finish come down to only 6 tenths of a second as Jay opened the scoring over Russell on his debut. Jaycie commented on his debut win for the record books:

Jaycie, Division 2
Hey guys. I'm very stoked to have a win on debut.. I truly wasn't expecting it. I tend to up my game and consistency when under pressure by great drivers so I have to thank Russell and Knuckles for that awesome pace! I'm really looking forward to racing again next week. This crew is fantastic and looking through the lap times we're all quite close. Good on everyone for crossing the line.. its a tough track 22 laps! (and cheers to PRT ssman244 and h1tcher - we did well crew)
The battle with Russell was intense and it felt like we were both giving it 100% every lap. Exactly why I am happy to be here, love it!

Jaycies win however was not backed up at Deep Forest as ssman244 struck gold and picked up his first win of the season by an impressive 11 seconds. This was swiftly doubled up as he nabbed the Silverstone sprint win after a win and a second place. Our Division 2 points leader spoke about his second win in as many weeks:

Ssman244, Division 2 Points Leader
that first race I had a terrible start and BMWF30328 got me from 3rd on the grid, after laps of chasing him down I did all I could, but the harder I pushed the more mistakes I made and couldn't catch Russell. That 51 flat shows how quick he was.
Second race for me was all about damage control and sitting back and waiting for the grid in front to make the smallest mistake and jump at it. Spent the first half picking my way through until I caught LITTLEBLACKO942who probably made me race as hard as possible to get his position. Spending probably 10+ laps trying to get a run on him was hard work, especially when Luckgoesmywaywas sitting on my tail in case I made a bad lunge and lost ground. Eventually I got the perfect run on old tyres out of Maggots and Becketts to get underneath him with only a few laps left.
Some great racing tonight fellas, now comes the weather which I can guarantee is my biggest weakness and something I haven't done properly before.

Of course who can forget our premier drivers! Division 1. And who could guess who took out the first round of Season 11, Division 1? You’d be right in assuming it was Warrior….With another Warrior like 11 second margin, pole AND fastest lap. Nicko quickly returned serve with a win after a tight battle with Warrior making his intentions clear for the season. Nicko was clearly proud of his Deep Forest effort, saying this about what was ahead:

AusNicko9, Division 1 Points Leader
Brilliant race as usual with warrior2167, congrats also for Bob for rounding out the podium.

Happy with that result to level the 1A championship with David. Onwards to round 3!

As mentioned above, Nicko dominated the Silverstone sprint taking home maximum points to establish himself as a real threat to Warriors record making run. Our resident Alien had this to say following his short coming:

Warrior, Division 1 God
Well done with the overall round result Nick. I think that's the first time someones come from behind to win the round, in the sprint format. Like you said that first race was outstanding, and that was only half a normal one.

Race 2 from what I saw was fairly clean, considering at times there were 6 cars in 3 car lengths of track space. A couple mistakes on my side ended up being very costly. First was picking the wrong side to go around party's stranded car. Then to have a half spin, just as soon as I caught back up to the tail end of the field. Towards the end, I knew I had to get 3rd, it was good battle with StigsTC and Cruch. Stigs I think was losing power on the straights. The final lap came down to myself and crunch, we went side by side for the last to corners. Well done for holding me off.

The teams championship, being combined with Assetto Corsa and Project Cars, is looking closer than ever as the top 4 teams are separated by only 8 points with Turn Left Racing leading the charge by only one point back to Next Level Racing. Gamesmen Racing Team are at the bottom of the table after a poor beginning in which numbers have been dropping across all platforms.

How will the rest of this season pan out? Will Warrior continue his fantastic record run? Will Adro take a title? And will Ssman win on his maiden year? We can’t wait to find out what happens over what is looking to be a fantastic Season 11!


Writer: Viperzed

Tables: Emmo46 & Hatfield

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