iRacing - Oceanic Sim Racing Round 4
Posted on Thursday 5th January at 8:27 AM
Round 4 of the Oceanic Sim Racing main game at Oulton Park.
Here is a hot lap of the track from former Raceonoz member Enforcer_98
Tonight saw names such as Madison Down and Ian Ford come in for a run, rubbing panels with our 3 drivers for tonight, Steven, Benjamin and also Michael from the development getting more laps under his belt to improve his skills in the V8 further.
Qualifying saw track temperatures up around 37 degrees, which would mean getting the perfect lap would be hard and with such a short track, it would make for a hectic qualifying session.
all 3 Drivers all finished within 4 tenths of each other, with the times placing Steven 20th, Ben 27th and Michael 37th and last in the top split.
all drivers getting decent start making positions on the opening lap staying out of trouble, it wasn't til lap 2 into the Hislop Chicane where Ben had made a pass on a car and this driver decided to hold on the outside and tapped the left rear quarter into the left hander, spinning Ben right into the path of the rest of the field.
Ben managed to roll back off the track without too much damage but found himself in dead last in 37th position.. Ben put the hammer down manged to get back up to 28th.
But on Lap 10 it all went bad again, Ben came up to a car parked across the track, went to go around on the grass but this parked car started to to move in the direction Ben had already committed to, by then it was too late and made massive contact and cause heavy damage.
Ben dragged the car back to the pits got it repaired and set off on making back up as many positions as possible. manged to climb all the way back up to 21st to claim a 6 place advantage on his finishing position.
Michael's race was fairly uneventful but produce one of the drives of his season gaining 21 positions to finish 16th, making up more positions then he did in the development series. Finally Michael's luck looks to be turning around.
Steven also had an awesome run pitting from position 18th, he managed to have a cracking run in his second stint to gain a further 9 positions to finish 9th, only 2 seconds!! behind Ian Ford the 2015 Sudden Death Endurance League Champion.
Even after a few issues, it is great to see the progress of all our drivers over the past 6 months. hopefully the trend continues and we see cars fighting for race wins and championships in V8's and GT3 in the near future.
Writer: Benjamin J Smith
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