iRacing - OSR Development Series Round 4
Posted on Thursday 12th January at 2:32 PM

Tonight, we had Round 4 of the OSR Development Series from Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, where we would have a sprint round which involved 2 races in which one of those races you had to stop for 2 tyres of your choice, with the result from Race 1 determining the grid for Race 2.

Both drivers’ eyes set on a good showing put hours of practice in with over 500 laps being completed this week alone.
Sam Blacklock and Michael managed to set good lap times securing spots inside the top split with Sam in 2nd and Michael in 30th.
Michael had a storming run in the first race going from 30th to 9th, but not taking the required pit stop.
In the second race, he got involved in another groups accident into the corkscrew, he took to the grass but got a massive slow down forcing him to 15th position.[​IMG]

After Michael took his pit stop he fell to 25th position, but managed to gain a few more spots finishing 19th, passing the last car into the final turn on the last lap.[​IMG]

Sam had a cracking start going into turn 1 in first place, Sam stayed out electing to take the race win.
With the first car to have completed the stop in 16th position, Sam had to gain more than a minimum of 28 seconds on him to win the 2nd race.

As Sam started the 12th Lap (last lap you could pit), he was 26 seconds ahead, but when he entered the pits he gained another 2.5 seconds on him.

This would prove move then enough with Sam coming out still in the lead with a 1.8 second gap and with only 2 laps to go Sam just had to keep it clean and cruise to the finish.

Well done too Sam on his 2nd and 3rd win in a row and taking the double in a sprint round!









Writer: Benjamin J Smith

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