Racer Report: Krunch
Posted on Friday 3rd March at 1:00 AM

Assetto Corsa League S10 R3 goes back to the future with Racer Report from Krunch.


It's been a long time between articles from the ROOZ Assetto Corsa league but the latest round at the historic Silverstone '67 and a grid packed with an epic number of Porsche 911 2017 GT3s, has sparked this quality race report well worth sharing from Team Turtle Beachers driver, Krunch. Enjoy.




"The hardest part about racing at Silverstone 1967 wasn't those annoying little walls on the corners; it wasn't starting three abreast on the grid; it wasn't even having to drive up onto a stage just to get into the pits. The hardest part was trying to fit a Porsche 911 GT3 through Dr Who's Tardis doors! Who's idea was it to go back in time just for a race anyway? Even so I should be grateful as nothing else was available: Marty Mcfly said the parts from his Delorean wouldn't fit the Porsche, Austin Powers insisted the only car I could send through his vortex thingy was a Jag, and as for the Terminator well... he didn't come back. Not sure how the rest of you managed to get there but well done just being on the grid. Hopefully we don't have to do that again.

My qualifying actually went well - despite my high speed pirouettes along the pit wall at the start of my very first fast lap (oops). I finally managed to nail a decent qualifying lap on my final run and picked up 7th spot. Very happy with that for sure. Then I realised I was on the outside in my row of three which meant I'd have at least two columns of cars barreling up the inside at T1. Oh joy.

So there it was. A grid of 27 cars all lined up in threes like a high school marching band. That vision didn't last long as the old English countryside suddenly echoed with 27 911 GT3's ripping up the tarmac (and about 50 cows dying of shock). I got a decent start and at least held position as we approached T1. It seemed most of us managed to negotiate T1 OK and even though I lost a couple of spots I was happy the race was cleanly underway. Game on!

I had some great tussles with a number of drivers (Cherno, Stiggy, Tez, Pete C, Spectre, etc.) and was around 9th or 10th when people started taking pit stops. I pitted on lap 17 from about 6th and after my time "on stage" came out about 8th. I was feeling OK in the car and was on track for a top 10 finish but I was aware that my main enemy was my tendency to lose concentration late in races.

On lap 24 my nemesis struck and I over corrected a small slide through the RH T5, snapped back left into the waiting wall which then bounced me across the track in front of several other cars. Somehow most of them missed me but sadly for Tez he had nowhere to go and collected me (sorry about that mate). When I finally stopped spinning and crawled back onto the track I found myself down in 13th position - goodbye top ten finish! Luckily the car didn't feel too bad after all that - maybe Tez evened up the initial damage - so I just carried on and tried to salvage a half decent finish.

I managed to pass Carlos a few laps later and realised I was on for a hat-trick of 12th place finishes! Can't argue I'm not consistent. But when I crossed the line I appeared to be in 11th. It turns out Raptor had some fuel issues and had to pit again - back luck teamie. So 11th wasn't a bad way to finish but I could have had 7th or 8th if I'd been able to stay focused. Ah well, a coffee filled camel pack might be the go for the next race.

Congrats to Rolz.. (and...Team TB..) and Rotor and Koaster... Also congrats to my other teamies who nabbed team points this week: Pete C and Ben. Looks like team developed setups really help!"

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