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    Hey Peeps.
    I have developed new chess game variant. It is designed to play a close to the original game of chess as possible with a few points of difference. The main changes are that the game is played on a 100 square board, a new piece (x2) in the back line and consequently two extra pawns in the front row.
    I would like to give interested parties who play chess the opportunity to assess this game and provide feedback regarding their experience playing the game. I have four boards and modified sets to send out and would like to know if you may be interested, or if you may be able to recommend someone who may be interested in assessing this game.
    As I only have four sets I am looking for people who are serious players. It would be preferable that you play competition and have a player ranking/rating. I would like to get an idea of the increased mathematical complexity of the new game compared with standard chess and opinion regarding game play and enjoyment.
    I am very lucky to already have two players checking this game out – one has a Masters in Mathematics and the other Has a PHD in Mathematics. One of them is also an International Chess Master.

    The sets will be provided free of charge and the participants may keep them for their own use.

    Please drop me a line if you are interested.
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