New to driving games, is Assetto Corsa a good start?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Jasonpaul, Jan 12, 2019.

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    So, as I grew up I was never really a racing game kind of guy. I think I remember having one of the Need For Speed games on my old Windows 98, which I played from time to time, but I was never that into it. Now, coming into my young adulthood, a lot of my interests movies download movies at forum have expanded into new territory (like starting to enjoy watching sports for one), now it's also started expanding into racing and cars. Where in before I 'didn't get it', I'm starting to see and feel the appeal of a good looking car (although I mostly like older cars so far, I just like their appearance and style more), as well as appreciating the satisfaction of watching good high-speed driving. My knowledge about cars is limited to only a few old models which I've picked up on from media, like Chevy Impala '67 (not a racing car I know, but a really beautiful car non the less), and Toyota AE86 for example, and I have very little to no knowledge of racing terminology and stuff. I thought racing games could be a good way to at least start learning more about it, while also enjoying the thrill of racing in virtual form. I probably won't get completely into it, but I wanna get more into it than I am, as I'm really enjoying expanding my interests lately. Which finally leads me to my question: I don't know where to start in terms of driving games, is Assetto Corsa a good game to start with? (I'm not looking for a driving game that'll leech my wallet too much as I am a Uni student with low funds)
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    Yes for PC it's probably the go to as it has a massive amount of mods available to fill the car and track roster. It also has great force feedback (road feel on your wheel)
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    Hi Jason AC is a good entry point as its cheap and there is so much free content available. Currently the series is a Monday night fun run and new season kicking off Feb. These guys are best to help with entry and getting started. @Rolz @marty @KoAStR
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    hey mate, yeah Assetto Corsa (AC) is really quite cheap to get into atm... On Steam the AC Ultimate pack is $58.04! That's the game and all DLC's! Cheaper than a Sunday Session even with drink specials ;) Then gigs and gigs of really good mod cars/tracks to download...

    Start off with a general base PC (with a reasonable dedicated video card) a single screen and a $150/200 gumtree g27 (wheel,pedals,shifter) basically thats what I started on with AC about 5yrs ago...

    PM if u want more info or just ask here... lots of guys here love the racing and if we get another merry soul to join us cutting laps weeknights it's always for the better. :)