SEASON 5 Driver briefings.

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    25-Nov - Round 7 : ALGARVE - ENDURO - 7/9/18 - 47 LAPS
    - Qual Time - @ 4pm (Light Cloud)
    Race Time - @ 5pm (Clear / Med Cloud / Hazy / Light Cloud)
    Time progression - X15
    Compulsory pit stop - NO
    Fuel : Real
    Weather progression : Sync to race

    Well done to everyone who raced and stuck out the season. Was some great battles right through all 4 divs, good luck to drivers who are still fighting for a championship, and well done to those who have secured a series win.

    Unfortunately im still yet to do any real prac for this week, so cant really tell you about fuel loads and when to pit, so if anyone has some info on that, feel free to add below. I hope to get on tonight so can update tomorrow for those who need some info.....

    So, you WILL NEED to pit and take tyres, and i imagine you will need to add fuel at your stop
    (i will confirm tonight) .....
    make sure you have a pit strategy set, and you will need to select it in the start up screen just before the race.
    - There will be a 24 Hr time cycle, so you will need to run some laps in the dark ;)
    - Make sure you know where the pit entry and control line is so you don't get pinged for speeding in pit lane.
    - Tyre pressures can be adjusted for your new tyre set. From memory you want to try to get them to stay at 'about' 1.90 bar (or whatever it is) .....

    TRACK LIMITS - There are a couple of spots where time can be gained, so will be checking for as long as my replay holds up. Would ask that room captains do the same...
    - Turn 1 kink, and then the exit and run into Turn 2.....
    - Turn 7 exit into Turn 8.....

    CAR SET UP - No idea if 'stable' or 'loose' is best round here..... you have the option so i would recommend try both !
    BLUE FLAGS : Please observe blue flags, and move out of the way of faster cars if you are being lapped. Best to get off the race line, and with a small lift let them go, so you can continue the fight with those in your class. Failure to observe blue flags WILL result in a penalty

    STEWARDS GROUP AND RACE PROTESTS : This season we will doing any protests just on our own platform. The stewards group will again consist of Myself, Ad2mny, Gary... if you feel the need to protest, you need to make us aware by PM by midnight Monday following the race. You will also need to have Video evidence of your protest, or ask the room host to have a look on their replay. You may appeal any stewards decision, and the final decision will be made by Koastr. If there is an issue in the race DO NOT BLOW UP IN THE ROOM OR ON THE FORUM.

    SAVE YOUR REPLAY : If the room host can ask all drivers to save their replay would be good before exiting the room.....once they exit out and the option goes, it cant be retrieved !
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