[2K] ROOZ Elimination Alt Shot Tournament

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    Welcome friends, to the first team based golf event at ROOZ. How does it work exactly?

    Alternate Shot is a popular 4 player format of golf where 2 teams face off in match play in which teammates will take turns at hitting the ball. Alt Shot is thus a very strategic and exciting form of golf, if you mess up a shot, your teammate has to face the punishment!

    Weekly Rounds of elimination (numbers depending) commencing in January until a champion team is crowned in the Grand Final. Winners progress to the next round, losers go home.

    Difficulty Settings:
    Players will be locked into the same settings as the RaceOnOz society, but will be allocated a Swing Difficulty. Allocation will be based on performance in ROOZ society events. Players will need to screenshot their settings and send them in a pre made PSN chat (adjudicated by yours truly) on the 1st Hole. The maximum difficulty available will be Pro.

    Other rules:
    Should there be a disconnection before Hole 10, the match will be restarted.
    If the match ends All Square (AS), the match will continue on Hole 10 until a team wins a hole (and thus the match)
    Each round will last for 7 days, it will be up to the teams to organise their match to be run during said week.
    If no one participating in the match live streams their match, the results must be posted in the respective PSN chat.

    Courses will be confirmed at a later date but for now, will include:
    TPC Scottsdale
    Bay Hill
    Kong Valley
    McFear's Quarry Course

    Conditions of Entry:
    It is preferred that you enter with your teammate confirmed, but feel free to enter provisionally and request to partner up with another player.

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