GT7 Bathurst Tribute - 2023

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    Bathurst 1000 Tribute - 2023

    Bathurst 1000 Tribute 2023 - 4th Edition

    This will be the first time for this race on GT7, so some history and the format, and hopefully the 4th edition will be the best yet.
    It is a similar format to the prestigious ROC, a handicap race with drivers receiving an individual handicap.
    There have been 7 (3/2/2) different Divisions represented on the podium in the 3 editions so far.
    The 2nd year was brilliant race with the first 9 drivers over the line within 7 secs of eachother. There have been some epic drives to win the race, and to podium.
    I will again in the fine judgments of the handicapping favor the lower Divs.
    There is plenty of current info for my handicapping as always from the division times.
    All handicaps will be transparent and will have fluid adjustment, especially as entries come in. Scrutiny and helpful input to the handicapping from all involved would be appreciated.
    Approximate Handicaps will begin to be released ASAP.

    Bathurst 1000 Tribute Race : 8/10/2023

    Room Open : 7:30pm AEDT (Practice Handicap Start - 7:50 AEDT)
    Race Time : 8:00pm AEDT
    Room Host/s : TBC
    Room Captains : TBC
    Track : Bathurst
    Track Time - TBC
    Car : Mustang G3 (BOP)
    : 29 (approximately 1hr)
    Tyres – RS
    Tyre Wear x3
    Fuel x4
    No Qualification.
    Staggered, timed, handicapped start.
    All other regulations and rules as per Season races.
    Bathurst 1000 Liveries present and retro, please.

    **Please err to being over respectful on track to eachother.
    This especially please for the higher Divs toward lower Divs, but visa versa too.
    Be smart, battling won't help at any time in this race apart from the last few laps.
    Better to try and stay in a slipstream to save fuel, or work together bump drafting, than to battle or defend which will only cost you time.
    Also the specs have been set to open up a multitude of pit options for strategy/avoiding traffic.
    Pit entry and exit just do not impede, be careful of the game spitting you out on exit, and check for traffic upon exit.
    Your starting time/handicap is your responsibility to know, and to start at that time, not before.
    It is an honor system that can easily be checked after the race.

    Entered Drivers :

    1. apex_64
    2. emmo46
    3. GQPatrolWagon
    4. ADZA_85
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    I'm in please
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    If you need someone to come last...
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    Put me down
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