Gran Turismo 7 Regulation Settings Discussion

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    Great points being raised and i see validity in:
    - brake balance on (widely adopted)
    - tire wear over fuel burn. Encourage 2 stop races to allow strategy to have more emphasis and provide opportunity. 1 stop doesnt really mix the field much, just adjusts timing of field change-change back.
    - i like the night races but it is much much better with VR over flat screen. Not something everyone has so understand caution applying night races
    - dynamic weather and rain is a must. Id encourage a few events with this.
    - enduros need to be mid season.

    Big shout out to admins putting in the time and effort behind the scenes to facilitage this.

    Perhaps we could also form a working group of div 1-4 drivers to run some races and test some changes. Id be open to assisting there.
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    I'm not sure relative lap times and performance under race conditions are that reliable a measure though, as stuff happens in races, fuel saving / tyre wear / slipstream / dirty air all play a part. That's why I reckon measuing optimum lap time under time trial conditions over, say 3 tracks with the seaon car with no slipstream/battling etc will give a better measure of potential performance for the season. After seeding based on optimums it is then up to the driver to get the strategy and consistency right for the races.
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    I just set medium and heavy rain in a 20min race and it didn't rain. Also joined another lobby with a 20min race and it had s03, r06, r06 and c03 and again it sprinkled for a minute but stopped and never really rained. Safe to say rain and intensity is never guaranteed even when selecting rain, something we could use for next season.
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