GT7 Season 1 Division 4

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    I had a good time last night also. Mostly uneventful as far as crashing goes.
    1 Stuff up early on and 2 in the last 2 laps. One of them, my TV went black.
    I was trying to hold off Bignorm. He was about 10 seconds behind with about 5 laps to go.
    He was gaining on me so even without those 2 accidents, I'm not confident I could've held him off. My best chance was for the top guys to finish about 1 minute earlier and cut the race off. Ha.

    Qualified 7th
    finished 6th.
    Best Lap 2:04.???
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    Update 1.17 out now, it' s~2.1Gb, takes longer to download than install (on a PS5 at least). Get it done prior to Sunday I suppose.
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    Looks like Room settings can be changed now after a room has been created.
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    Room settings can now be changed after the room has been opened
    Also there is a new setting which is the refueling rate. The default is 3L/s

    In controller options you can also adjust the deadzone and travel of your pedals (which can help people who have pedals that show input when not being pressed or that you have trouble pressing down all the way)

    Looks like there is also a horn button you can map for road cars
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    Round 6: Deep Forest - C01 Cloudy and Bright - Sunset - 28 Laps - 26/6
    WELCOME to Season 1 for Gran Turismo 7!!
    As always please take a couple minutes to read the following so you have an understanding of what is expected on race night.
    If you have any questions, or want clarification on any of the rules or regulations please ask!

    Room captains may have practice rooms open beforehand but should have the official room up by 7:45pm AEST. Please be on time, or let the room captain or div thread know if you may be late. If all agree, the room may wait for you, Within reason. Please remember we have drivers from NZ, and later starts mean a much later night for them.

    QUALIFYING : 8:20 AEST for 10 mins.
    Thanks to the latest update, we are now able to change lobby settings after lobby creation, therefore in theory, we should be able to run practice laps prior to qualifying and have the room up at a standard time. Room Captains please test this to ensure your qualifying isn't skewed.

    Once 10 mins has been reached, finish the lap you are on and park up off track.



    This is up to the room host/captains. If there is a Disconnection (or cars stuck on grid) at race start, it is sporting to try to get them back in, which may mean a new room to be set up. I would suggest only having 1 restart if required due to DSC, due to having to set up the room from scratch and also having to set timed laps in order to set the grid. Please be as reasonable as you can with this....

    Before qualifying, exit to lobby and spend 30 seconds in spectate mode, scroll through the list of drivers on track and make sure that you can see their car. If you can't see somebody (and they are confirmed as being on track), exit the lobby, re-join, and check again.Type the number of cars you can see in the lobby chat and cross check with other drivers to ensure clarity.

    TURN 1 LAP 1 :
    The old saying goes, you can’t win the race on lap 1, but you can definitely lose it. Please be mindful of other drivers on lap 1 coming into turn 1, and for that matter, the entire race. It can be very demoralizing to hot lap on your own for 45 minutes as I'm sure many of you are aware.

    As we are running with 'track limit penalties" OFF, we will run with our usual Raceonoz track limit regulations. This means you MUST have at least 2 wheels on the ripple strip OR white line that defines the track limit. If you do make a mistake and have to run outside the limits, be aware that you are not allowed to gain any advantage, position or time wise. Track Limits protests may be launched by any active driver in the race.

    Is to be avoided at all times..... If you make contact with someone and gain an advantage, YOU ARE EXPECTED to give the spot back. Occasionally, Gran Turismo track limits may teleport a disadvantaged driver backwards on circuit to ‘reset’ them, if this occurs at the hand of another driver, IT IS EXPECTED that the driver at fault will wait and redress the position.
    Side by side 'rubbing' is racing is allowed and promoted within reason, but all drivers are expected to give racing room. For clarity surrounding racing room, please feel free to PM @Viperzed
    Show each other RESPECT! It is difficult enough to drive the car at the limit on your own, without someone squeezing you within a millimeter of the grass.
    So be patient and show respect to your fellow drivers.
    If you are redressing contact, please do so out of the way of other cars, off the racing line, or if there isn't much room, off track.

    Pit Line Penalties are on so you will be penalised in game if you cut any part of the entry or exit lines. Please be aware of cars entering T1.

    Please observe blue flags, and move out of the way of faster cars if you are being lapped. Failure to observe blue flags WILL result in a penalty

    This season the steward will be @Viperzed. If you have reason to protest, please SAVE YOUR REPLAY, and then let him know via a PM.
    DO NOT BLOW UP IN THE FORUM OR IN THE ROOM CHAT. There have been multiple incidents where the replays from drivers have been different, so its true that sometimes things are not as black and white as they may seem. You have until MIDNIGHT, Monday night to register your protest via PM. Stewards will ask for video evidence from both drivers or room captain to make any decision.

    If the room host can ask all drivers to save their replay would be good before exiting the room.....once they exit out and the option goes, it cant be retrieved!

    If you are unable to continue to race, please enter the pits and leave your game paused without selecting tyres so that your car stays parked in the pits. Parking up off track activates yellow flags in the sector, and even though penalties are off, we have reports of penalties occurring for passes happening near the parked car. Quitting off track results in a sometimes race ending lag spike and may be punished in extreme scenarios.

    Could all drivers please inform Room Captains or make a post on the division thread if they do not intend on racing on Sunday night, Room Captains/ Lobby Hosts are advised not to wait for anyone who has not communicated their intentions. If you do not post in your room thread or psn chat that you cannot attend, a spot may not be held for you for the following weeks race

    Another classic GT location, Deep Forest offers some sublime overtaking opportunities around the slightly altered circuit. Care should be taken in sector 1 around the tunnel section, it is one line all the way and an overtaking manoeuvre attempted through there is ambitious at best. Track limits will again be monitored as per RaceOnOz regs, 2 wheels on kerb or white line, whatever is further out.

    We understand that this event clashes with the State Of Origin game on Sunday night, should anyone wish to postpone their div and push it back a week, please have a discussion with your room captain and come to a conclusion to meets everyones needs. Majority rules.
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