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    Welcome to the RaceOnOz Assetto Corsa Competitzione PC League!

    As a community we aim to provide fun, clean and fair racing for anyone who wishes to participate regardless of skill level. The foundations of this community are fulfillment, nurturing development, comradery, etiquette, courtesy, respect and being fair and reasonable.

    If that sounds good to you then please read through the following information so you can get on track as fast as possible!


    Eligibility to Race
    - Before being eligible to race in our Monday Night Championship Seasons new drivers will need to do a *hot-stint in our qualifying server and get at least two casual races under their belts. We can then place a driver into an appropriate class and they'll be eligible to race in season races.

    Casual Races - We have plenty of casual races that new drivers can always join. Some are weekly and some are every few weeks:
    • Wacky Wednesday is our special casual practice and race night open to all which allows for both new drivers and season drivers of any class to race together. There's also a bit of friendly banter in the voice chat and it's a chance to get tips on racing, setups, and more from some of our League's best drivers.
    • Mashup Monday races are just like Wacky Wednesday - only they’re on a Monday! These provide an opportunity to get casual races completed even if a new driver can't make the Wacky Wednesday races.

    Special Events - We regularly hold special events on Monday nights between seasons and sometimes in season breaks. These can often be driver swap races or experimental formats (we recently held our own version of a “Death Race”). We also occasionally run these events on weekends for those extra long Enduros.

    Driver Classes - We run with 3 driver classes: AM, SILVER and PRO. SILVER and PRO run together in the Monday Night Pro Series while AM drivers race in the Monday Night AM Series.

    Teams Championship - This is a fun way to spice up each season and keeps drivers involved in competition whether their individual season is going well or not so well. New drivers will be assigned to a team once they become eligible for season races. Teams have no effect on the individual championship - it’s a parallel championship with each drivers’ individual race points each round going toward their assigned team’s points.

    Redressing - Our racing philosophy is based around respect for all fellow drivers and for drivers to "self steward". One important way to do this is to *redress when you’ve caused an incident.

    Driving Standards - There is no live stewarding here at the RaceOnOz PC league. Instead we have a unique Driving Standards system which involves the Trusted Drivers Panel (TDP). The TDP is made up of the most trusted drivers in our league each of whom have been nominated by league members. Part of the TDP's role is to review race incidents and protests and apply penalties and warnings if required. Just as importantly the TDP provides feedback and advice to drivers in many ways, and new drivers are encouraged to submit questions to them at any time.

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