(PCARS-PS4) How to qualify for Project Cars Sunday League

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    Vehicle - Ginetta G40 Junior
    Track - Sonoma Raceway Short

    Select free practice at the circuit. Event settings to be set as follows:

    Weather Slots - Fixed Weather and Clear
    Date Type - Custom
    01 July 2015
    Starting Time - 12:00
    Time Progression - Off

    Car setup as follows (Remember you are being ranked as using this set-up. If you alter this to make it faster you may find yourself trying to compete against higher ranked drivers. Please stick to the supplied settings).
    Swaybar Front - Max
    Swaybar Rear - Middle
    ABS and TCS allowed. All other aids off

    Get yourself accustomed to the circuit/car and then submit your best lap/video clip to Ad2mny via PM. Remember to save your best lap clip if it is under 1:28 as we may need to review to ensure it is a legal lap. You can save the lap by hitting the share button upon completion of your best lap, then hit square to save the video clip. You can then trim the clip and share either by Facebook or YouTube (preferred).
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