PS4 & PS5 ACC Season 9

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    2023 ACC PS4 & PS5

    We have an exciting year ahead and lots to look forward. There have been quite a few new discoveries within ACC and GPortal for both PS4 & PS5. The most important are:
    - use of entrylist configuration file to set items in game including driver name, car number, class, prefix driver name with team name eg [PRT] PSN ID.
    - enable driver swap events and endurance races. PS5 only.
    - Server result log stored in GPortal. Can be saved then uploaded to a number of different programs or websites that can display results, laps and other information. More information to come.
    - The 7:30pm ADST session that occurs after the server reset will have the results stored so people can access it if they wish to see results and lap times.
    - PS4 events will be moved to Sunday nights.

    Driver Swap testing and server stability for a full race is being tested along with members of other leagues. This is exciting news and brings the added features we so desperately need.

    Majority of our correspondence and signups are through discord Discord.

    Porsche Cup
    We will be kicking the year with a Porsche Cup series running through January which started on Sunday 8th for PS4 and Tuesday 10th for PS5.

    Round 1 - Nurburgring
    Round 2 - Spa
    Round 3 - Suzuka
    Round 4 - Hungaroring

    Season 9
    This will be a 7 round season. A longer than usual season as we try to move forward from the interruptions of last season. For PS4, the races will be fortnightly with the GT4 races on the alternate weekend.

    Season start dates
    February 7th | Draft/Team Announcement
    February 14th | Valentines Day
    February 19th & 21st | Round 1 - PS4 & PS5 Tier 2
    February 28th | Round 1 - PS5 Tier 1

    More information will be provided over the coming weeks. In the meantime, please fill out the below form, similar to previous season.

    We look forward to seeing you on track!