**SPECIAL EVENT** - Bathurst Endurance Event

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    BATHURST ENDURO (driver swap)
    PS5 - 15 teams of 2 drivers
    PS4 - 10 teams of 2 drivers

    Dates & Times
    Tuesday 11th October - Practice & Qualifying

    Prac - 40 mins - 7:00pm - 7:40pm
    Quali 1 - 30 mins - 7:40pm - 8:10pm
    Quali 2 - 8:15pm onwards

    Wednesday 12th October - Warmup & Race
    Warmup - 30 mins - 7:00pm - 7:30pm
    Race - 130 mins - 7:30pm - 9:45pm

    Event Format
    Qualifying 1

    All cars can be on track with the quickest driver from the top 10 teams progressing through to Qualifying 2. Grid position 11 - 15 will be set from Qualifying 1 (PS5 only.)

    Qualifying 2 - Top 10 Shootout
    Cars will leave pitlane in order of 10th qualifying team to the quickest team. When a car passes pit exit on their qualifying lap, the next car can leave pitlane. Ensure that there is enough distance to the car ahead on their flying to ensure there is no distraction to the driver on their qualifying lap. Once the lap is completed, pull off the track and exit to pitlane.

    Open to all drivers.

    Driver 1 will start the race and will have to complete a mandatory pit stop prior to lap 27 or 60 mins, whichever comes first. At the end of Lap 27 Driver 1 will enter pit lane and drive to the end of the pit boxes but not exit pit lane.
    Driver 2 will be ready in their pit. When Driver 1 passes their pit position, Driver 2 may leave their pit box. Driver 2 will finish the race and surpass the number of laps completed by Driver 1. This will ensure they show up first on the timing screen at the end of the race. Driver 2 will be required to complete a mandatory pitstop.

    Driver 1 & 2 must stay in the server throughout the race to ensure there are no lag spikes from entering/exiting the server.

    Event Rules
    Mandatory Pitstop: 1 per driver
    Fuel: compulsory
    Tyres: optional
    Car choice: Optional but both drivers must use the same car and livery

    Teams & Numbers
    Team 1: #10s
    Team 2: #20s
    Team 3: #30s
    Team 4: #40s
    Team 5: #50s
    Team 6: #60s
    Team 7: #70s
    Team 8: #80s
    Team 9: #90s
    Team10: #100s
    Team11: #200s
    Team12: #300s
    Team13: #400s
    Team14: #500s
    Team15: #600s
    Teammates will use consecutive numbers

    Signup below or via the PS ACC - Special Events channel on Discord.
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    I heard about the server issues surrounding this event. Have they been fixed? I am still intrigued by this event.
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    We ran it on PS4 and the event went really well.... No real issues and was a good warm up for the real event later in the year.
    If you are looking to race with us (even with the time difference) let us know and we could hook you up where you are keen to get involved.... Although i think the ACC servers would probably be more stable !