PlayStation **WARNING** PS Hackers

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    Hi All,

    There seems to be an increase in Hacker activity on Playstation, with PS4 users being the most vulnerable. A Rooz member has been hacked recently and $2k taken from their credit card. Luckily Playstation are returning the funds but they have no obligation to do so under there T&C's. Once they have hacked an account, they find it easier to then hack the accounts of their friends.

    Hackers are getting hold of peoples details, get into their account and change settings to allow them further access. They will then purchase games or add money to the wallet. Once there, they will transfer the funds & games to their own account.

    To help stop this do the following:
    - Remove any credit card that is linked to your account
    - Add a passcode for purchases
    - Add two-part authentication to log into your PSN account
    - If you want to purchase anything in PS store, go to Woolworths/Coles etc and purchase a PSN giftcard. Enter the code on the card into PS Store to make the purchase, do not use a credit card.

    Be vigilant for any email that get sent to you from Playstation, especially those that mention a random name accessing your account and change the family/friends settings.