Bought New VR With Solid Cockpit Steering Wheel But Need VR Attachment now

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    As I have raised the issue on different threat but doesn't received good respond. I want to know if I can replace the VR the company website provided me when they shipped me the whole set, my question is, is it possible to change the VR I am using with OculusVR? the vr should have Nvedia graphics card with CPU of i5 or i7 if possible also should have around 8GB of RAM but I doubt all these specs might not be available on any VR at present, also I doubt if I can link this VR with the machine I bought!
    Suggestion from pro!
    Informations below:
    1. Using the machine with wireless VR connection also have wired connectivity
    2. I do have warranty of 12 months
    3. VR Glasses Deepoon E3 (2K)
    4. for connection it provided touch screen panel console.
    5. CPU I have i5 with ZOTAC Graphics card and motherboard of GiGabyte
    All these should work with the new VR I am looking for.
    more info Source:

    My budget $5k