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    Hi all, just an early heads up that the stewards group will be changing for the upcoming season across all platforms.
    The changes will be pretty simple, but will involve each platform being responsible for the protests in their own leagues.

    At this stage steward groups will be the following. If stewards move from their platform we will assess if a replacement is needed
    - PCARS will be @stucar17 @Ad2mny and @garyw61 .
    - GTS will be @Hatfield @JonoStan96 @Viperzed @emmo46
    - F1 will be JonoStan96 Hatfield Viperzed
    - Koastr will be the appeals steward and his decision will be final.

    The reason we have changed is due to the differences in the games / platforms, making it difficult at times for stewards from another game to make informed decisions based on game physics, track characteristics and lag issues.

    The penalty table will be used in GT Sport as a general guide only, with penalties for grey areas being adjusted where there may be a penalty required.
    The process will remain the same in terms of the following
    - if a driver want to protest a race incident they must make us aware by PM before midnight the following monday.
    - we will request a video from the drivers involved
    - we will make the driver being protested against aware of the protest so they can prepare a defence if they feel they need to
    - Once the result is handed down, any appeal will be forwarded to koastr and his decision will be final.
    - the results will be posted in the stewards thread with the ruling as to why or why not there was any penalty applied.

    The original idea of how we did the stewards group for the last few seasons was to try to make things easier, however it seemed to make the work load bigger for more people and as volunteers, that wasnt the best outcome.
    I would like to thank hatfield, stu, gary, jono, ad2mny, emmo and koastr for their efforts as a groupover the last 6 months. I hope that reverting back somewhat makes things a little easier for us on each platform.

    Its a good chance to remind all entrants, on all platforms, that our OVER RIDING GOAL is to try to provide clean league racing for all those who enter. Contact is to be avoided at all costs, and track limits are to be obeyed at all times. All long term members know the drill, all new members will be filled in as we get closer to season start.
    Essentially, if you hit someone and gain an advantage, give the spot back !

    We will be more specific on this in the driver briefings before each round....
    Mod team and stewards group
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