help to turn office gaming chair into racing chair

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Systems & Troubleshooting' started by Hatfield, Jul 31, 2018.

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    Help me fellow ROOZERS!!

    I recently acquired an old gaming chair which I want to stabilise to become my racing chair.
    Does anyone have any tips for this?

    I figure the simple thing to do would be to remove the wheels and try to stop the swivel motion somehow... but I am not sure if it would be stable enough on its single centre piece.
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    buy some seat rails/runners from a wreckers and attach the base of the seat to those, that way you can also slide your chair
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    I used an office chair on my old one I made.
    Stopped it spinning by cross bracing. Had some alloy pool fencing bits left over so used the vertical 10mm tube bits, squished the ends in a vice and bent the new little flat end to desired angle, and screwed them down, from the very outside edge of the bottom of the seat bit, to the furthered spot for a feet bit before it contacts the pole, then repeat in the opposite direction.
    On the bottom of the bum bit, I hope ya got something semisolid like plastic, and just use a little "button screw" so it doesn't fit to far and poke your arse:rolleyes:
    If you can get them to touch when they cross, put a screw bolt through there too.
    Add more if ya still get movement, but keep them all on the rear when the come down, so you can still put your feet under yourself a bit.

    Or, if you can find a spot that will work, drill a hole all the way through the stem and put a bolt through, but couldn't do that on the one I had
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