ACC Laguna Seca 90min Enduro Monday Season 2 rnd 15 (final round)

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  1. Flamebadger

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    Thanks to Marty for organising and Steve for all the background work for results for another succesful season, looking forward to the next one!

    Last night was odd; had very little time to practice at all and I think it showed. Every session the car felt so different, and I finally felt ok in qualifying and geuninely got a good lap in, 6th being easily my best qualifing result since Bathurst I think. But in the race the car felt so different again and I had no confidence, and my race pace was something like 1.2 seconds a lap slower at its absolute peak than my quali run and often was nearly 3 seconds slower. Enjoyed having a train of pro cars behind me when I was somehow running 4th(!!) for a while, which is by far the highest I have run this season but after a good half an hour-40mins they started getting past.
    The whole second stint I was slow and on my own, and had a slow spin after about 10min putting me behind Steve and Krunch who were in any case faster than me in stint 2 as I struggled even more. Just brought it home in one piece from there.

    Very happy to be done with the Honda I have to say! For me and my driving style I've found it to have a narrow performance window and too often I just dont feel I could get the best from it. I was certainly nowhere as effective as @Cooper in dialling out the propensity for it to eat its front tyres in long runs.
    Whenever we get back to a fixed season it will be a retun to a front engined car for me I reckon, they just seem to suit me better :thumbsup:
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  2. Jeremy Talbot

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    A big thank you to Marty for the organisation and Steve for the background work, it was a very well run league and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it.

    The race last night was fun, albeit frustrating at times. I had a decent quali to put me in 5th, I knew I would be too far away from the 2 Andys and Terry but Reilly put in a blistering time as well. Start went well but I ran slightly wide letting Jorgensen through which proved to be very costly. I think you get the award for the hardest person to get past on track @Flamebadger :roflmao: I've been behind you a few times this season and it always takes bloody ages to get past you haha! While I was behind him Marty, Matt Frost and Reilly all caught up which made things very interesting. I got caught up on the sausage kerbs a couple times and basically lost out to all of them. Long story short, they all got past Jorgensen and I ended up behind him again. The amount of times I was that close to him but in the last corner but couldn't get him into turn 1 because of the lack of acceleration in the AMG was so frustrating but I eventually got there not long before the stops.

    I thought I'd pit early and try and get an undercut on Frost but, although it was a perfect stop, it wasn't enough and he came out still in front after his stop. He started to pull away as my tyres started to wear until he made a mistake coming out of the left hander leading up the hill to the corkscrew. I went past and had a 7 second advantage but as the laps went by my tyre wear became worse and worse and I was making mistakes and unsdersteering and everything. The last few laps were nailbiters and for the first time in my racing career I was glad to have been lapped as it was one less lap I needed to defend :roflmao:. As we crossed the line the gap was 0.2 :eek:

    The season was great. I started off with a hiss and a roar but then fizzled out midway and just managed to hang on to 5th in the championship. Things might have been very different had @Frostwa been able to make those 2 races as we were very close at the time. I'm looking forward to trying a new car as I don't think the AMG was the best fit for my style of driving.

    Congrats to the championship podiums, amazing stuff

    I think a special congrats needs to go to @andyo450, just too fast mate hahaha! Unbelievable speed and consistency :notworthy: Maybe we need to look at ballast for the next season :whistling:
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  3. Jarmel

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    Apologies for missing most of the season , I over committed and ended up burning my self out.

    Marty and Steve thank you for the time and effort you put in for us all this season.
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  4. marty

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    I think the next main season we will run some success ballast per class. It wont be extreme amounts but it will likely mix up class winners a little bit.

    Not sure if we should also test this for the between seasons season?
  5. SteveDrivingSlowly

    SteveDrivingSlowly ACC Results Ste(ve)ward

    Hard to say, I still feel there are at least 5 drivers, possibly more, in it for the top spot, if they have good runs. For silver and am, it is always wide open but the biggest decision there is who is in each class from the start.
  6. Paulfaus

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    speaking from the AM class, I can always find a way of spinning or crashing if I look like doing better than I should! Gock was incredibly consistent though. Obviously he needs to move classes :)

    I just want to echo the thanks from others. Marty, Steve and any others put on a great series. Thanks for putting up with newbies like me. I have improved heaps over the last couple of months driving in the same races as you guys. All I need now is another 2 seconds per lap......
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  7. krunch

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    Extremely well put Steve! I can only echo those sentiments.

    Thanks mate for your grats :). Back at ya for a close P2 in the Silver Championship. Just a huge improvement from when you first dropped into rooz! I do feel you deserved more though. I am stoked to take the top spot but there was a lot of luck involved. If not for your technical (if you break a brake you take a break!) and other issues causing multiple missed rounds I think the racing boot would be on the other foot... ;). Not to mention the other contenders who all unexpectedly fell away in the last few rounds just as I found my mojo. I am pleased with my performance in the last 3 rounds more than anything but it's a very nice bonus to finish this long season on top :). I admit I did a fist pump or two as I crossed the line :p

    Like Steve I started my season well but it didn't last. I dropped it badly at Monza (Rnd2) then wobbled along with fairly average speed mixing decent runs with disasters, finally finishing with some solid drives. I think most of us probably have a similar story with only the timing of the peaks and troughs changing... :D :poop: :) :whistling: :mad: :unsure: :confused: :coffee: :oops: :thumbsup:

    Congrats to Andy O, Andy L and Tez on the Pro Champ Podium :thumbsup:
    Congrats to Steve and Tom Sparksman on the Silver Champ Podium :thumbsup:
    Congrats to A Gock, P Freeland and Mael on the Am Champ Podium :thumbsup:

    Andy Gock (Am) was actually mixing it in the Silver Championship by the end - great consistency mate!
    Mael - we've been scraping panels for something like 5 years at rooz now! Always a fun dice mate :).
    A. Macfarlane showed good pace and led the championship at one stage too - don't give up man. Sometimes it takes a bit of self analysis to rectify a form slump and the peeps here on this forum are second to none in helping with that stuff!
    Also Bue11er, Tom Sparksman and Medved showed some excellent speed which threatened to take them to the top of the ladder too. Nice work on keeping the Silvers in the back of the minds of the Pro's!
    Nando and Wally - I think you guys must belong to the "Black Cat's and Broken Mirrors Society" which apparently has been undergoing some renovations forcing you guys to duck under ladders all the time! Your luck will change (if you stop going to BCBMS meetings).

    As for the race - Awesome. Decent qualy - P9. Decent and careful start. Battled with Frost and Marty for a lap. Car went off a little so as I dropped back I battled with Mael till he got past. I then held up Steve as I patiently waited till the balance returned as I knew it would. Then I got Mael back and so did Steve who then caught me and we battled till the stop. He jumped me (ya bastard) so I battled him for a while then got past and managed to drive away to finish P8! Woot top stuff :).

    Luv ya's all!
  8. Dan Medved

    Dan Medved New Recruit

    Thanks heaps Marty, Steve and co for organising a sensational league. Looking forward to the next one :D
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  9. andyo450

    andyo450 Team Driver

    Yea great work Marty, Steve and anyone else involved. It was another fun season, really enjoyed it.
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