ACC [PC] 2022 Season 1 - INFO & SIGN UP!

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    RaceOnOz - 2022 Season 1 - Monday Night League GT3
    Admin team: @krunch, @nanlatt, @CornfordCaster

    As the new year starts we wave goodnight
    To Steve's incredible custom site

    A place where stats and pace and all
    Was number crunched to be on call

    So we could show those pretty lists
    Of race results and championships

    But now we welcome a cool new kid
    Otherwise known as... The SimGrid

    If you haven't yet setup an account at SimGrid please follow the instructions here:
    >> <<

    >> <<

    • Once at the PC MONDAY NIGHT LEAGUE - 2022 S1 season page click the [REGISTER] button
    • If you haven't logged in to SimGrid it will ask you to login with your Discord login
    • Once logged in you will see the "EVENT REGISTRATION" page
    • Select your CLASS
      • this must be the one you have been assigned by the RaceOnOz Admin Team
      • if you raced last season it will be the class you were in then
      • If you don't know which class you are in please ask us
    • Select a car from the list
    • Choose a race number
      • if your chosen number clashes with another Driver's choice you may not get that number
      • Drivers who have used a number in the previous season will have priority to use it for this season
    • Click [REGISTER NOW!] and you are done
    • Don't forget to Bookmark the RaceOnOz SimGrid Page:
      • Where you can find all of our League's events and championships​

    There has been a minor overhaul of the Rules & Regulation since last season so please read them again. Any supplementary rules for specific events or seasons will be written in the relevant information posts for those events.

    NOTE: This entire post constitutes supplementary Rules & Regulations and takes precedence over the Rules & Regulations document where necessary.

    The full Rules and Regulations document can be found as a PDF file on our Discord server:
    There is also a Discord bot which can be used to find specific sections of the document using certain key words (the first post in the channel shows the list of keywords and it's also pinned):


    • Withdrawing From Races Requires Giving Notice
      • If you cannot attend a race you can simply click the "WITHDRAW" button in the races page of the championship on The SimGrid website under the admin tab of the specific round. Drivers are permitted to withdraw from a maximum of 5 rounds. If you don't attend a race without withdrawing you will receive penalty points, if you accumulate 15 of these points you will be disqualified from the championship.
    • New Stewarding System: The Trusted Drivers Panel
    • No flashing of headlights unless to warn a lapped car being approached under Blue Flag conditions
      • Flashing headlights under ANY other circumstances is against the spirit of this league and will incur warnings or penalties

    • This season is a GT3 vehicle class championship run over 10 rounds.
    • This is a fixed car per driver event. Whichever car you select on the SimGrid Event when signing up will be your choice during the event. Changes to car choice can only be made before the deadline outlined on the SimGrid Event.
    • Signups will remain open until all 50 slots are filled. After that new signups go onto a reserve list to take the place of those who drop out of the season.
    • Race types are:
      • Sprints
        - Practice – 45min
        - Qualifying – 15min
        - Race – 1hr
        - 1 Mandatory pitstop for tyres (tyres take 30sec, repairs add additional time)
        - 57 minute pit window (this is the maximum window the game allows)
        - fuel optional (can be concurrent with tyre stop or separate to tyre stop)
        - fuel fill time is not fixed (ie the more fuel needed the longer the fill time, but can be taken during tyre change)
        - any other details to be specified in that round's thread
      • Enduros
        - Practice – 45min (may change)
        - Qualifying – 15min (may change)
        - Race – length as specified in Race Schedule
        - pitstops for fuel and tyres to be specified in that round's thread
        - pit window to be specified in that round's thread
        - fuel pit time to be specified in that round's thread
        - any other details to be specified in that round's thread
    • Driver classes:
      • Pro, Silver and AM with Silver and AM having their own sub-championship within the overall championship.
      • These classes are assigned using a combination of the RaceOnOz driver pace calculations, ACC ratings & qualifying server laps (for those new to the league) and Admin Team discretion.
      • Classes will be reviewed after round 4 in the season with adjustments occurring under certain circumstances.
    • All series' will drop a driver's lowest scoring round which will be reflected in our forum based leaderboards (but not on SimGrid's results or standings as they do not currently support it).
    • Drivers can enter the season at any round as long as certain criteria are met.
    • There will be variable weather for each round (subject to volatility of Kunos' weather system).
    • There will be a dedicated practice server available all week configured with matching Monday race conditions
    • Wednesday each week is the official 'get together' practice night for the season and includes shorter fun based races in a more casual style. The server is still configured to match most of the Monday race conditions.
    • The use of custom painted skins is allowed for this season (see info below).
    • Server information will be listed within each round's specific forum thread.
    • Joining a race evening - all drivers are required to join a league session either during the practice session or qualifying. Joining during race sessions will only be permitted at the discretion of the Admin Team.
    • SESSION TIMES for Non-Daylight Savings (AEST - click for time zone info)
      • Official Practice: 8.00pm
      • Qualifying: *8.45pm approx.
      • Race: *9.05pm approx.
    • SESSION TIMES for Daylight Savings (AEDT - click for time zone info)
      • Official Practice: 8:15pm
      • Qualifying: *9.00pm approx.
      • Race: *9.20pm approx.
    * These times are a guide only as a small amount of time is added by the game between each session

    This information is available on the SimGrid information page

    All important information for racing is available on our forums, however we strongly advise drivers to join our Discord server for for voice and text chat.
    Sometimes critical information such as server issues, race delays, last minute race format changes, instructions to a specific driver, etc. will be relayed only through the Discord voice channel and text chat. There is also a healthy dose of banter that just makes the round more fun :). Once you sign up for any Season at Rooz you'll be given extra Discord permissions for text chat.

    Discord voice chat rules and etiquette:
    • if you intend to chat you MUST use push-to-talk. No-none wants to hear your gear clicks, heavy breathing or barking dog in the background.
    • non-excessive chat and banter is OK in Practice sessions.
    • There should be minimal chat in Qualifying sessions - essential questions, statements, apologies etc. only.
    • There should be minimal chat in Race sessions - essential questions, statements, apologies etc. only.
    • If you become frustrated or angry at yourself or another driver DO NOT PUSH YOUR TALK BUTTON. Keep it private!
    • ABUSE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. There's no place for that stuff at Rooz!
    • Please wait until ALL drivers have completed the final lap of a race before discussing your race.
    • Admins may speak at any time in any session for obvious reasons.
    • Feel free to hang around in chat after the race. Many of us like to have a laugh about things that may have happened in the race and it can be a nice wind-down :)

    The recent v1.8 update has changed the way in which custom liveries are implemented enabling us to re-evaluate their use in our league. This Paul Ricard event will give us an opportunity to test this new implementation and its effects on join lag, server load, etc and also JJ ability to continue streaming our events. In short, ACC now creates .dds files which are preload the into memory thus reducing or eliminating the serious join lag I'm sure we've all experienced in the past.

    This short video linked below contains pretty much everything you need to know about sharing custom liveries and it is strongly recommended viewing.

    Submitting Custom Liveries
    For now, custom liveries can be uploaded to onedrive via the link below. It may require you to login to you microsoft account.

    Please do not submit anything offensive, it will be rejected at a minimum.

    If you are new to ROOZ ACC leagues you will need to have done at least (3) legal timed laps in one type of GT3 on the Practice/Hotlap server before the season begins. You will need to let an Admin know you have done this so we can check your times. This will help us put you in the correct class for your pace level.

    Here are the server details (search for rooz in the ACC lobby) :
    • Practice/Hotlap Server Name: [ROOZ] 04 | Practice/Hotlap | Spa-Francorchamps
    • Server Password: mushroomteapotrock

    Thanks for racing at RaceOnOz
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    ACCtracker Now Installed

    As noted in Discord, the Admin Team has now installed ACCtracker on our server host. This shows all the laptimes on our servers across all sessions and displays them in ranked lists (pre ACC v1.8 results have been excluded).

    Here's the URL:
    The password is the current hotlap server password.

    We ask that you not share this outside ROOZ to reduce traffic on our server.
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    Hey, I've signed up, however due to my work roster I can only race every third round starting from tomorrow and according to the regs I'll get shafted for the last round (miss 5 rounds or something). If this doesn't work out at all I'll withdraw if needed, it's all good either way, thanks guys. :thumbsup:
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  4. krunch

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    It should be fine mate. We can override things if we know the circumstances. We still want drivers like yourself to be able to make occasional rounds. We might have to tweak the withdraw/no show settings a tad at some point. Thanks for pointing this out. It would only be an issue for you if we run out slots in the season.
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    Hey guys, I've just registered for the Monday night league and am looking forward to getting back into ACC. I've mainly been racing iRacing the last couple of years, but did some races with ROOZ back in 2020 which were fun.
    I have a couple of other friends who also mainly race on iRacing who hopefully will be signing up for this league shortly too. Should be fun!

    Edit - got my registration working now - just had to follow the ROOZ community on Sim Grid.
    Edit #2 - I just did 3 laps on the hotlap/practice server in case my times are needed
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    Hey guys.....just signed up for the MOnday night league on the advie of Supern0va :thumbsup: very excited to be back!

    Just a brief call out to the admins that my new born is only 10 weeks unfortunately there is a persistent risk in the near future of needing to withraw from races with very little notice, apologies (baby no care about daddy racing time :cry: ). I hope this is OK :unsure:
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    Added ACCtracker info to 2nd post