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    Rules & Regulations
    1.0 General Rules
    1.1. For the purposes of these rules, ‘admin’ refers to the admin team listed at the head of the current season overview thread

    1.1.1. All admins have server administrator privileges for the duration of the season​

    1.2. Drivers are expected to be available to run the majority of races, but there is no requirement to be available for all races and all sessions

    1.3. Drivers are expected to have read and understood these rules and the ROOZ Etiquette Guide

    1.4. By participating in this league, drivers agree to abide by these rules and the ROOZ Etiquette Guide

    1.5. Drivers are encouraged to join the ROOZ Discord channel for race rounds

    1.5.1. Live announcements regarding a race round will be made by the admin team on Discord. Admins will endeavour to relay these by in-game text chat.​

    1.5.2.Drivers not joining discord accept and understand they may be at risk of missing server information or announcements​

    1.5.3.During qualifying and race sessions, drivers are expected to remain ‘radio silent.’ Limited communication to coordinate the passing of faster traffic, to thank lapped traffic for moving out of the way or to warn of an incident is permitted​ ‘Radio free’ communication resumes once the final driver completes their flying lap at the end of qualifying or once the final car crosses the finish line in a race session​

    1.5.4. Inflammatory, discriminatory and or abusive language will not be tolerated on Discord or in the in-game text chat. Drivers may be subject to warnings in the first instance for infringing this rule, with drivers risking being kicked or banned from Discord, race evenings or the entire season for repeat offences​

    2.0 Server Rules
    2.1. The RazeOnOz Monday Night League (‘ROOZ MNL’) runs on servers with all default penalties enabled.

    2.1.1.Penalties automatically imposed by Assetto Corsa Competizione’s (‘ACC’) rules for track limit violations, track cuts, pit lane speeding infringements, driving backwards on track or in the pitlane will not be overruled by ROOZ admins, aside in exceptional circumstances at the admin team’s discretion.​

    2.1.2.These rules apply during all official sessions including practice

    2.2. Drivers whose ping exceeds 250ms may be kicked at the outset of race sessions to ensure the quality and integrity of the race experience for fellow competitors

    2.3. All drivers must join during the course of official practice and qualifying. Drivers who connect during a race session will be disqualified. Repeat offenders may face further penalty at the discretion of the admin team.

    2.4. ROOZ league races do not feature live race control or stewarding. All investigations for rule infringements and breaches of etiquette will be conducted by admins post-race. Drivers are referred the Penalty and Protest Zone for this purpose.

    2.4.1. Notwithstanding Rule 2.4, drivers identified as intentionally crashing, wrecking others, blocking the track, or otherwise behaving in a manner that would be considered reckless and dangerous will be kicked from the session, with a further investigation to be conducted post-race by the admin team​

    2.5. Race, qualifying and practice sessions may be reset at the admin team’s discretion. This will only be done in exceptional or unexpected circumstances, or in response to technical difficulties. Examples may include:

    2.5.1.server crashes or performance issues;​

    2.5.2.ACC multiplayer lobby issues;​

    2.5.3. Large scale collisions early in the race explicitly caused by server-side latency, package loss or similar technical issues;​

    2.5.4.ACC bugs effecting the integrity of the race start (e.g. v1.4.3 bug which caused drivers who were in the setup screen between qualifying and race to ‘bounce’ on the starting grid and suffer car damage and/or causing teleporting to the pits)​

    2.5.5. Servers will not be restarted due to a driver disconnecting or timing out from the server, or large scale lap 1 collisions caused by driver error. Servers will similarly not be restarted for drivers not finishing their car setup in time before a race start and being teleported to the pits​

    3.0 Points, Race Results & Car Classes
    3.1. Points are allocated based on finishing position in the race session of each ROOZ MNL Round. For Super Sprints, each 30min race is worth 50% of the points total for that round as listed at Rule 3.4.

    3.2. When run as a mixed class season, separate points are awarded to GT3 and GT4 drivers, and separate GT3 / GT4 league tables are maintained

    3.3. Points are awarded per the points allocations at Rule 3.4 to each car class (GT3 / GT4). As an example, the 2nd GT3 car to finish a 60min sprint race will receive 45 pts. The 2nd GT4 car will also receive 45 points, irrespective of that fact that it finished 17th overall

    3.4. Points Allocations

    3.5. Points are only awarded to drivers who complete 75% of the race distance

    3.6. Points are not awarded for qualifying for or starting a race

    3.7. Season standings will record, for each car class, an overall winner, a silver class winner, and an AM class winner

    3.8. Provisional Race Results and leaderboard updates will be posted after each event as soon as possible by ROOZ MNL Admins

    3.9. Race results remain provisional pending any race incident reviews to be conducted by the league admins or race stewards. The outcome of penalties will be posted in the Protests and Penalty Zone

    4.0 Dropped Rounds
    4.1. the ROOZ MNL league table operates with a single ‘dropped round’ each season

    4.2. Over the course of the season, a driver’s worst result is ‘dropped’ from their league table positioning.

    4.3. This is implemented ‘as live’ by our league tables, which will automatically drop the least number of points scored by a driver in a round during the course of the season

    4.3.1.Drivers should note this can lead to some apparently anomalous league rankings after two rounds​

    4.4. The ‘total points’ and ‘Drop Round’ column will indicate a drivers league points, as well as their total points including their dropped points. The Drop Round column indicates which round has been dropped

    5.0 Tie Breaks
    5.1. Tie breaks in the standings are resolved by countbacks on number of victories in the first instance. If necessary, the countback will continue to number of second places, third places and so forth

    6.0 Sign Ups and Car Choice
    6.1. In the case of a 'mixed class' season, on signing up to the ROOZ MNL, drivers will be asked to nominate a car class, either GT3 or GT4.

    6.2. In the case of a 'mixed class' season, drivers will also be asked to select whether they are happy to have their car class switched to balance the numbers in the league between car classes

    6.2.1.Drivers who have indicated they do not want their car class switched may be asked to switch if necessary by the admin team in order to balance numbers, but will not be compelled to do so​

    6.3. Drivers are obliged to pick a single car for use the entire season. Cup and Super Trofeo cars are ineligible for the ROOZ MNL.

    6.4. Drivers are not required to indicate their chosen car at the time of sign up

    6.5. Drivers are deemed to have made their selection of car from the time they first join an official ROOZ MNL session, and are prohibited from changing car for the duration of the season from that point

    7.0 Driver Classes
    7.1. Driver classes will be used in the ROOZ MNL league in both the GT3 and GT4 car class. The available classes are PRO, SILVER and AM. Drivers will be sorted into these classes based on pace analysis and qualification

    7.1.1.These classes exist to give drivers of all pace and ability the chance to fight for podiums and class wins.​

    7.1.2.In order to maintain and uphold the spirt and integrity of this system, it is important drivers qualify at an honest at representative pace per Rule 7.2. Mechanisms exist per Rule 7.3 and Rule 7.4 to analyse and adjust driver classes irrespective of qualifying performance​

    7.2. New driver sign-ups (meaning those drivers who have not raced in a ROOZ league before), will be required to set 3x flying laps on the ROOZ Qualification server in a GT3 car, which will establish their initial driver class

    7.3. Each driver’s class will be reviewed after they complete 4 rounds, using the methodology detailed here. If drivers are within the pace window of a different driver class, they will have their class adjusted

    7.4. If a driver’s pace during the remainder of the season is consistently and notably faster or slower then the pace demonstrated after 4 rounds, they be asked by the admin team if they consent to a switch of driver class. Aside in extremely limited and exceptional circumstances, no driver will be compelled to switch class outside of the automatic review detailed at Rule 7.3.

    7.5. Drivers whose class is adjusted mid-season will be counted as having been in the class they are adjusted into for the entirety of the season

    8.0 In Race Rules & Etiquette
    8.1. For the Purposes of the ROOZ MNL rules, all points of etiquette listed in the ROOZ Etiquette Guide are considered enforceable race regulations that apply in practice, qualifying and race sessions, except where a regulation refers to a specific session

    8.2. General Rules (1.1 – 1.5.4) and Server Rules (2.1 – 2.55) always apply during any ROOZ MNL session

    8.3. Supplementary Rules for Practice sessions
    8.3.1.Drivers are encouraged to be considerate of other drivers on track, leave plenty of space, and allow faster traffic within the same class to pass where convenient​

    8.3.2.Drivers must pull off track before stopping to reset back to the pits​

    8.4. Supplementary Rules for Qualifying sessions
    8.4.1.Drivers on an out lap must obey blue flags and get of the way of cars on flying laps​

    8.4.2.Drivers are not to overtake other drivers in the same car class who are on flying laps [judging gaps is part of the skill of qualifying and drivers are not to ruin another driver’s flying lap because they misjudged the gap]​

    8.4.3.Drivers must exercise caution on exiting the pits to not disrupt a driver on a flying lap

    8.4.4. Standard qualifying sessions are 15 minutes long.

    8.4.5 For 'mixed class seasons', qualifying periods are extended to 20 minutes. The first 10 minutes are reserved for GT4 drivers only. GT3 drivers may enter the track once the in-game session timer records 10 minutes to go. At this point, GT4 drivers are allowed to finish their current lap, but must then immediately return to the pit lane​

    8.5. Supplementary Rules for Race sessions
    8.5.1.Race starts will be full-length formation laps, with the start procedure controlled by ACC’s inbuilt start widget. Drivers must always endeavour to stay within the green zone of this widget during the formation lap​

    8.5.2.Tyre / brake warming by way of weaving, accelerating and braking is only permitted during the single file phase of the formation lap. Once the race engineer and widget indicate cars are to line up double file, cars must line up ready for the start​

    8.5.3.Notwithstanding 8.5.1, the driver in 2nd must not be significantly ahead of the car in 1st when the lights turn green and the race starts​

    9.0 Mixed Class and Blue Flag Rules
    9.1. Seasons and special events of the ROOZ MNL may contain both GT4 and GT3 cars. Seasons that involve both car classes are 'mixed class' races. Rule 9.1. only applies to mixed class races and seasons

    9.1.1.GT3 drivers should exercise an abundance of caution in any ROOZ MNL session when approaching slower car class traffic​

    9.1.2.In any situation it is the responsibility of the faster car to execute a safe pass. This remains the case where it is a higher driver class in the same car class (e.g. a PRO GT3 passing an AM GT3) or where it is a GT3 passing a GT4​

    9.1.3.In a race situation, GT4 drivers should hold the racing line when being passed by GT3s, and do not attempt to swerve or suddenly change direction when being passed. When a GT3 pulls alongside to execute a pass, GT4 drivers are expected to give plenty of racing room​

    9.2. Being shown a blue flag during any session means that a driver should let the approaching car past when safe to do so

    9.2.1.Guidance on the safest way to allow faster cars past when shown a blue flag is available in the Etiquette Guide​

    9.3. Drivers are permitted to unlap themselves.

    9.3.1.However, drivers who unlap themselves must have the pace to be outside of blue flag range within 1 lap, and must not hold up drivers who are lap(s) ahead​

    9.3.2.Drivers attempting to unlap themselves, or who are a lap behind other cars around them, must not get in the way of a battle for position​

    10.0 Custom Skins
    10.1. Custom Skins may be permitted in the ROOZ MNL at the direction of the admin team and upon publication of a procedure for using them.

    10.2 Due to the lack of optimisation for custom skins in ACC, the use of skins in the league is carefully managed by the admin team, and subject to procedures to be devised by the admin team, which may be changed from time to time

    10.2.1. In the absence of a published procedure, drivers are not permitted to use external skins, and must only use in-game official liveries, and liveries created solely by the in-game livery editor

    10.2.2 At the time of publishing these rules, there is currently no procedure for the use of custom external skins​

    Schedule 1 to RaceOnOz Monday Night League Rules
    1. These rules, and the Etiquette Guide which is taken to form part of these rules, may be amended or updated from time to time by the admin team.

    2. Any time the rules are updated, the Season sign-up post will be updated, as will the thread for next upcoming round in order to draw all drivers’ attention to the updates

    3. Admin and steward decisions are final and un-appealable. Admins will not adjudicate on incidents in which they are involved
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