Procedure for post-race complaints or protests

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    If you have a complaint or feel that you wish to protest a race result please refer to the following:

    Protest Procedure
    1. Save and watch the replay of your race to determine if you have grounds for a protest. Try to watch from both your car and the car of the driver you intend to protest against. Sometimes the network and online environment can glitch giving two very different versions of events.
    2. If you feel that after reviewing the replay you still have reason to protest the result, PM the stewards for your game. DO NOT PLAY IT OUT THROUGH POSTING ON THE OPEN FORUM.
    3. The stewards will inform the drivers involved of the protest against them, to provide them with the opportunity to defend their driving/actions.
    4. The stewards will make an unbiased decision based on the evidence available to them.
    5. Results of the protest will be passed on to the involved drivers. Any appeal (if made) must be as soon after the original decision as is possible.
    6. Pending no appeal, decisions will be final and any adjustments to points scored will be made with reference in the divisional table.
    7. Drivers will proceed to the next round and have fun !! :)

    However be warned, you get 3 strikes which may lead to disciplinary consequences in addition to any points/time penalties incurred:

    To stop petty protesting:
    • lodge 2 protests against any other driver(s) that don't stick - official warning the next unsucessful one will incur a consequence
    • lodge 3 protests against any other driver(s) that don't stick and you're suspended for the next round.
    To reinforce that we won't tolerate ongoing breach of Racing R & R's:
    • have 1 sucessuful protest against you - official warning that the next one will incur a diciplinary consequence
    • a second sucessful protest against you - suspended from next round
    • a third successful protest against you - suspended from the rest of the season.
    These rules or their interpretation are not up for open discussion anywhere on the forum. If you have any issues or concerns please PM a moderator directly.


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    Yer thats good Stue, on this note i'm sure most drivers on this site do not intentionally hit others but accidents do happen, so if you are on the end of a carless action, respect the other party enough to give them the benefit of the doubt and let the Mods sort it out. We are all different, with one thing in common, like to have a good old race, clashes of personality will arise from time to time and thats another reason why its better to not make it personal and leave it to the powers to sort out.
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