Season 7 - Division 3

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    See you in div 2 next season
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    I don't want to grow up and go Div 2. I wanna be in the same div as @annelorrianne and @arnold watson They bring balance to my universe ;)
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    Well, all I can say is, if not for those numerous and totally embarrassing spins in the first part of the race, who knows what my result could have been. Pretty awesome how most of div3 we’re battling in the top half of the div2 drivers, and also how close the battle with each other was. By the time I finally found rhythm I was yo-yo-ing back and forth with @garyw61 who was on a totally different pit strategy but always seemed to end up somewhere near each other. In the end I could see @Jim_aka_The_Man and @George tantalisingly close and closing the gap too but just ran out of laps. Did the 2 stop strategy on softs and used the stable setup again as the loose was just too hairy with the chicanes.

    Well done George for the division win, and second overall in the race, and I believe Jim has well and truly sealed the championship with second place.

    Shame the numbers dwindled towards the end but I think combining the divs in the end was a winner of a decision for both divisions.

    Awesome racing this season in a car I seemed to gel with sort of, and was great fun using the gated shifter. Now to get next season organised!

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  4. Jim_aka_The_Man

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    Wow. Another great close race, we’ll done to @George, taking pole & the win. Race was full of battles and making the most of small mistakes, I don’t think I had more than 2 laps where there wasn’t an overtake opportunity or I was being pressured.
    @Ad2mny just watched your replay, you had a heap of pace at the end, I didn’t realise how much we’d slowed by battling ahead of you. Without your spins it would have been another car in the mix all race long.
    I have had a great season, somehow I seemed to be pretty decent in this car from the outset, thanks to all for the great racing each week, it’s a shame about the turnout towards the end, hopefully next season will be filled with full grids.
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    Congratulations to jim_aka_the_man on the season win and Ad2mny on runner up, As always thoroughly enjoyed the season bit disappointed how I finished the season especially the enduro round where I had the the wrong attitude of "well can't finish any worse than 4th" so just keep my nose clean and kept out of everyone's way. I personally enjoy the BMW but it obviously was not everyone's cup of tea going by the dwindling numbers towards the end of the season, hopefully next season we can consistently get full grids for every round. Finally thanks to everyone involved in organizing these races its much appreciated and see you next season. CHEERS!!!!
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    Well done guys and congratulations to the podium winners.
  7. stucar17

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    Alright guys....
    Well done to everyone who raced last season in what was a bit of a disjointed season.....Thanks to everyone who stuck it out in a car that some loved, and some didnt so much !
    Congratulations to our Division winners who got the chocolates !
    DIV 1
    : Slambobagen - Stimsonglenn - TBWilliams
    DIV 2 : Aykay - Anthbark - BlueXR8
    DIV 3 : Jim_aka_the_man - Ad2mny - Fatmix
    Div 4 : Aadman - anne - arnold

    1st -
    PAGNIAN - Next Level Racing
    2nd - Bruce Hale Racing
    3rd - Selby Accoustics Racing
    4th - Gamesmen Racing
    5th - Ignition Controls Racing

    Huge thanks to our room hosts, and room captains for getting things sorted each week. Was a few issues with room stability, and smaller numbers from halfway through the season, so thanks for adjusting the divs where needed to keep the grids up. Also to the guys who got the room results through each week
    Biggest thanks goes to @Bounty05 who has backed up for the last few seasons with the tables ...... huge job mate, and you have done a fantastic job, even with the frustration of us sorting through some issues meaning you havent been able to get it sorted as fast as you might have liked.

    The new season MEET AND GREET is scheduled for THIS SUNDAY ! If you are yet to enter the new season please do it asap ! The entry thread is here :

    The new car for Season 8 will be the awesome Aston Martin Vantage GTE

    Consider the following when practicing before season start
    - We will be running the car in SUMMER MONTHS to keep the track temp up. So set your rooms to 'SUMMER'
    - While there is a heap of grip you will still need to watch the rear a little.
    - This is why we went for the Aston over the Fort GT, it has a little more character over the other GTE cars
    - Tyre wear will be accelerated
    - The aston starts on HARDS, and you can use ANY TYRE available
    - Pit lane will be OPEN in qualifying, meaning you can swap to the soft tyre, this will give us a 'hotlap' scenario ;)
    - Fuel burn will be on
    - There will be a compulsory pit stop, with the exception of the sprint round.
    - We will set the team car liveries in the new Teams Championship thread later today
    - The NEW teams champ will be FINALIZED a few days before ROUND 1

    Get your entries in guys..... Hope we have big grids, and it also looks like we have a few new and returning drivers to keep things interesting ..... We may need some help with a little of the outside stuff, like teams champ and div placements etc so if able to help us out if i get stuck just let me, ads or gazza know and we will delegate where required.

    PCARS2 mod team
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