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    Looking ahead we have:
    • Sept 26 - Bathurst 1000 in the V8
    • Oct 3 - Petit Le Mans (10 hours, Multiclass GTs at Road Atlanta)
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    Hi guys, Going to try and keep this a bit more updated if I can. In between the big team endurance events, I focus on the V8 Supercars Online Premier Series (V8SCOPS). We are currently about to enter the second round of the Endurance Cup for the Imola 500. To Qualify for these races there are three 6 hour sessions held during the week/weekend leading into the event and the top 40 team mkae it into the race. The results of the Pre-Qualifying sessions are here. We managed 31st and 36th fastest to make it into the race.


    #947 driven by Tyler Blackburn and Justin Wallace and the #91 of Benjamin Smith and Andrew Mogridge. The event is broadcasted by SimSpeed at 6pm AEST tonight with with Qualifying starting at 5:30pm and the race starting at 6:15pm. Be sure to tune in to see all the action take place and see what our team can do."