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    This section is strictly for management and promotion of the:
    Official RaceOnOz iRacing Team (RIT)
    Team Director: @Giant slayer (Steven Latimore)

    Here the team will keep the rooz community updated on the happenings of the iRacing team, coordinate team activities, manage members, new recruits, and organise official practice or off-season team events.

    The team operates in their official Discord channel:

    Also check out the ROOZ iRacing League page and the RaceOnOz iRacing team Facebook page:

    Team members exclusively racing for the official RaceOnOz iRacing Team will be eligible for ROOZ cross platform season prize draws generously provided by our supporters and sponsors.

    For general iRacing discussion not directly related to official team affairs, please use the existing forums and prefix:
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.