Season 8 Wraps Up
Posted on Tuesday 26th March at 9:49 AM

RaceOnOz’s famed GT Sunday league wrapped up it's ninth season of GT7 on Sunday night, with each division running around Interlagos in the Porsche 911 GT3 RS '16 for the final time this season. Each division winner funnily enough was also the championship winner for their respective divisions, congratulations to: 


Division 1 - Dstinct_Andrew


Division 2 - Humblebeegee (Herbie)


Division 3 - Savage Duck


Division 1 again suffered from a short handed grid, but did not lack in quality. Noodles made his first race start since early in the season, pushing Andrew all the way in qualifying to find himself on the front row. Andrew found his trademark fuel saving beneficial in the race and cruised home to a comfortable win in the second stint to secure another Division 1 title over late charger Rangeraus.


Division 2 went right down to the wire between Whizz and Herbie, with points calculations still being done well after the race had even finished! Herbie prevailed by just 2 points over Whizz, and only beat Doodah on track to the win by 1.2 seconds, an incredibly close finish to an exciting season.


Division 3 too found themselves with an exciting finish to the season, with championship rivals Blunty and Savage Duck finding themselves battling on track right to the end of the season, Savage Duck in the end getting the job done by a mere 2.7 seconds over Blunty, another classic finish!


Shoutout to Savage Duck who has been posting some entertaining race highlights to his YouTube page as well, I strongly recommend you all check them out for an enjoyable watch!


As many of you have already seen, next season we are pushing new boundaries with the use of the Toyota GT-One as our potential season car (pending cost and availability). This would be the first Le Mans car in the GT7 era and the first for over 20 seasons! As this will be a Legends car, we urge everyone to please save up, grind and purchase immediately to get involved in next season! 


We have set an upper limit of 10 million for a reasonable cost, any more than this and we'll scrap the idea and go back to the drawing board for next season's car.


We've got a lot brewing out the back in GT7 land right now, with a major endurance community series poised to launch in the coming months, and potential major overhaul of our Social Media presence. There's never been a better time to be apart of it all!


See you all on track soon,


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