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    @Viperzed will be the sole contact for incidents but will have a selection of anonymous assistants

    The 'Appeals Steward' role will also be removed.

    The penalty table will be used in GT7 as a general guide only, with penalties for grey areas being adjusted where there may be a penalty required.
    The process will change to the following:
    - if a driver want to protest a race incident they must make stewards aware by PM before midnight the following Monday.
    - footage must be included
    - the driver being protested against will be informed of the protest so they can prepare a defence if they feel they need to (this defence needs to be returned to stewards by midnight Tuesday)
    - Once the result is handed down, the drivers must either accept the decision, or reply with further information as to why the decision should be overturned. Rather than having an appeal go to a different individual, this will hopefully encourage greater communication of incidents and understanding of decisions between drivers and stewards
    - the results will be posted in the stewards thread with the ruling as to why or why not there was any penalty applied.

    Its a good chance to remind all entrants, on all platforms, that our OVERIDING GOAL is to try to provide clean league racing for all those who enter. Contact is to be avoided at all costs, and track limits are to be obeyed at all times. All long term members know the drill, all new members will be filled in as we get closer to season start.
    Essentially, if you hit someone and gain an advantage, give the spot back !

    We will be more specific on this in the driver briefings before each round....
    Mod team and stewards group
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