How to Qualify for Formula One Thursday League (F1 2019)

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    Team: F1 2019 Scuderia Ferrari
    Track: Sakhir (Bahrain)

    The lap is to be set in Time Trial mode. Please adhere to the following settings:

    Weather: Dry
    Session Start Time: Official
    All Ghost and Telemetry Settings: Off
    Prohibited Driving Aids: Braking Assist, Traction Control, Driving Line

    You must use the default setup Preset 3. If you change the setup to make yourself faster, you may find yourself in the wrong division. Same applies for assists, apply them to match what is demonstrated above and in the video. The purpose of banning certain driver aids in this test is to more accurately determine who should be placed in which division. ABS is permitted.

    Run a few shakedown laps, set a flyer and then submit the lap to myself (JonoStan96) and/or Hatfield for judgement. Laps underneath the 1:29 mark may need to be analysed to ensure no unfair advantage was gained during the lap. Those who participated in Seasons 1 & 2 will still need to submit a lap as this is a new game. To save footage, press the SHARE button and press Square. The video can be trimmed in the menu or edited to your liking in SHAREfactory, and then uploaded to YouTube.
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