The Top Dogs, or ROOZ who bounced the highest are remembered here!


Current ROOZ Official Leagues:

GTLOZ Gran Turismo 7 Official

ACLOZ Assetto Corsa [PC] Official 

PCLOZ Project CARS 2 [PS4] Official


Obsolete ROOZ Official Leagues:

GTLOZ Gran Turismo Sport Offical

GTLOZ Gran Turismo 6 Offical

iRLOZ iRacing 2011-2017 Official & Community Events

F1LOZ Formula 1 2016-2017 [PS4] Official

PCLOZ Project CARS [PS4] Official

GTLOZ Gran Turismo 5 Offical 2010-2013


Community Run Events:

GTLOZ Gran Turismo Sport Community Events

GTLOZ Gran Turismo 6 Community Events

PCLOZ Project CARS [PS4] Community Events

GTLOZ Gran Turismo 5 Community Events 2011-13






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GTLOZ Gran Turismo 7 Official 


Season 1 - Toyota GR Supra Race Car '19 (RH tyres) - sponsored by Torque Tuition

Div 1 Champ: Rangeraus (runners-up: CaptainRisky21, groover33)
Div 2 Champ: HighStakes123 (runners-up: MONSTAR-1, Aiden_1120)
Div 3 Champ: spleece (runners-up: RPeeM808, Walker_17_)
Div 4 Champ: Easyprey007 (runners-up: Fezza_21, RBRHoges97)

Season 2 - Jaguar F-Type Gr.3 (RM tyres) - sponsored by Torque Tuition

Div 1 Champ: Keeden231 (runners-up: sidawg2, MINT_Matt)
Div 2 Champ: Disco_stew01 (runners-up: johnnoclint, Aiko_Mac)
Div 3 Champ: leeboy910 (runners-up: Ozglenn0513, Dash_Vanguard)
Teams Champ: NLR - cptn Matthyus (runners up: BHR CaptainRisky21, ICR - T F Eccles)

Season 3 - Volkswagen GTI Supersport VGT (RH tyres)

Div 1 Champ: Keeden231 (runners-up: Rangeraus, JonoStan96)
Div 1B Champ: NemoIXn (runners-up: emmo46, RPeeM808)
Div 2 Champ: Steve_73_GOOF (runners-up: Blunty075, doodah27)
Div 3 Champ: Sirdids72 (runners-up: btwong10, Easyprey007)
Teams Champ: BHR - cptn CaptainRisky21 (runners up: ICR Easyprey007, GRT - Steve_73_GOOF)

Season 4 - Suzuki Swift Sport Gr.4 (RM & RH tyres)

Div 1 Champ: Dstinct_Andrew (runners-up: Noodles8771, MINT_Matt)
Div 2 Champ: johnnoclint (runners-up: DRZ-Hatfield, xlxy90)
Div 3 Champ: T-GT_Racing (runners-up: TacticalHomework, incey)

Season 5 (50) - Nissan SILVIA spec-R AERO (S15) Touring Car (Racing tyres)

Div 1 Champ: sidawg2 (runners-up: Noodles8771, Rangeraus)
Div 1B Champ: groover33 (runner-up: NemoIXn, DRZ-Hatfield
Div 2 Champ: btwong10 (runners-up: doodah27, Ozglenn0513)
Div 3 Champ: incey (runners-up: webnomad, RBRHoges97)

Season 6 (51) - Subaru BRZ GT300 '21 (RS & RM Tyres)

Div 1 Champ: Noodles8771 (runners-up: Dstinct_Andrew, Rangeraus)
Div 1B Champ: xlxy90 (runner-up: apex_64_, DRZ-Hatfield
Div 2 Champ: ADZA_85 (runners-up: X-3vilm00n, spleece)
Div 3 Champ: ControllaGod (runners-up: humblebeegee, Steve_73_GOOF)


Season 7 - McLaren 650S GT3 '15 (RS & RM Tyres)
Div 1 Champ: Dstinct_Andrew (runners-up: Rangeraus, Noodles8771)
Div 1B Champ: pryingstingray (runner-up: Dynamite_296, BlockyRex9779
Div 2 Champ: humblebeegee (runners-up: doodah27, Savage_Duck_75)
Div 3 Champ: Steve_73_GOOF (runners-up: Brendan-Stimpy, tolley__)


Season 8 - Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991) '16 (SS Tyres)
Div 1 Champ: Dstinct_Andrew (runners-up: Rangeraus, groover33)
Div 2 Champ: humblebeegee (runners-up: Whizz94, DRZ-Hatfield)
Div 3 Champ: Savage_Duck_75 (runners-up: Blunty075, Anders)






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GTLOZ Gran Turismo Sport Official


Season 1 (Porsche 911 RSR 2017, Race Hards) - sponsored by PAGNIAN IMPORTS 

Div 1 Champ: Beau231 (runners-up: StigsTC, Fleck_15)
Div 2 Champ: Motors560 (runners-up: Knuckles013, Bryan_F)
Div 3 Champ: Razor4797 (runners-up: hatfield, arakasi)
Div 4 Champ: naacs (runners-up: CAB-77, ozglenn513)


Season 2 (Mustang GT4, Race Softs and Mediums)

Div 1 Champ: Beau231 (runners-up: Captain_Risky_21, StigsTC)
Div 2 Champ: Noremac (runners-up: CAB77, holdenman05)
Div 3 Champ: arakasi- (runners-up: xlxy90, Bluemoon)
Div 4 Champ: Luke (runners-up: incey, Jcp)

Teams Champ (GTSPORT, Pcars2, Assetto Corsa) : TLR - cptn V8power383, (runners-up: ICR - Hatfield, PRT - Noremac)


Season 3 (Lexus AU TOM'S RCF 2016, RM (voluntary), RH (mandatory))

Div 1 Champ: Beau231 (runners-up: Bryan_F, Noremac)
Div 2 Champ: xlxy90 (runners-up: Knuckles, Whizz94)
Div 3 Champ: LITTLEBLACK0942 (runners-up: F1R3W1ND, dunamotornz)
Div 4 Champ: deedz_aus (runners-up: DAMN_RIGHT_BOB, LennonLegend1993)

Teams Champ (GTSPORT, Pcars2, Assetto Corsa) : ICR - cptn Hatfield, (runners-up: ROOZ - disturboed, NLR - Bryan_F)



Div 1 Champ: Beau231 (runners-up: knuckles, MINT_GTR)
Div 2 Champ: Holdenman (runners-up: viperzed, luckgoesmyway)
Div 3 Champ: se7endan (runners-up: spleece, hihatjoe)
Div 4 Champ: emmo46 (runners-up: incey, Matthyus)
Teams Champ (GTSPORT, Pcars2, Assetto Corsa) : ROOZ - cptn disturboed, (runners-up: ICR - Knuckles, SAR - V8power383)


Season 5 - Nissan R92CP 1991 (Racing Tyres (qualify and start on RSS)

Div 1   Champ: Beau231 (runners-up: MINT_GTR, razor4797)
Div 1B Champ: razor4797 (runners-up: Motors560, Holdenman05)
Div 2   Champ: groover33 (runners-up: Whizz94, Ozglenn0513)
Div 2B Champ: Ozglenn0513 (runners-up: Patg65, Deedz_Aus)
Div 3   Champ: nemo9n (runners-up: Matthyus, Jonesy8230)

Teams Champ (GTSPORT, Pcars2, Assetto Corsa) : NLR - cptn Matthyus, (runners-up: ROOZ - disturboed, SAR - Motors560)


Season 6 - Renault Sport MEGANE TROPHY 2011 (Racing Tyres (qualify and start on RH)

Div 1 Champ: Beau231 (runners-up: Bryan_F, ssman244)
Div 2 Champ: WTF_MAN (runners-up: Pubs16, LITTLEBLACKO914)
Div 3 Champ: Aranteamo (runners-up: Luke, emmo46)
Div 4 Champ: Matthyus (runners-up: Vardz, Dazza83)
Teams Champ (GTSPORT only) : GRT - cptn emmo46, (runners-up: NLR - Matthyus, BHR - Captain_Risky_21)


Season 7 - Fittipaldi EF7 (RS and RM Tyres, RM to be used at least once)

Div 1 Champ: Beau231 (runners-up: Bryan_F, Russell)
Div 2 Champ: groover33 (runners-up: Moozer81, holdenman05)
Div 3 Champ: emmo46 (runners-up: bluemoon, Buster_Danis)
Div 3B Champ: tfeccles (runners-up: Jonesy82360, AB_Saints_25)
Teams Champ (GTSPORT only) : PNL - cptns Noremac, Matthyus (runners up: GRT - Emmo46, TLR - LennonLegend1993)


Season 8 - Volkswagen BEETLE GR.3 (RS) (RSS for Sprint Round)

Div 1 Champ: Beau231 (runners-up: Jonostan96, Viperzed)
Div 2 Champ: apex_64_ (runners-up: UNC_Pubs16, X3rx3s44)
Div 3 Champ: GT_bananajosh (runners-up: Macneil_29, ozglenn0513)
Div 3B Champ: Jonesy82360 (runners-up: tfeccles, AB_Saints_25)
Teams Champ (GTSPORT only) : SAR - cptns Lennonlegend, Kephin_07 (runners up: ICR - tfeccles, GRT - Emmo46)


Season 9 - Ferrari 458 Gr.4 (374 BHP - 1350 Kg) (RS and RM)

Div 1 Champ: Beau231 (runners-up: FSR-DB007, Groover)
Div 2 Champ: gtkingx (runners-up: naacs, Noxrai)
Div 3 Champ: mightymurph51 (runners-up: NemoIXn, incey)
Div 4 Champ: COME_AND_GET_ME7 (runners-up: Xtr3meNZer, sooby_scott)
Teams Champ (GTSPORT only) : SAR - cptns Lennonlegend, Kephin_07 (runners up: PNL - Matthyus, BHR - CaptainRisky21)


Season 10 - SF19 Toyota (639 BHP - 660 Kg) (Various Tyres)

Div 1 Champ: Beau231 (runners-up: razor4797, JonoStan96)
Div 2 Champ: mightymurph51 (runners-up: GT_bananajosh, fubbletrouble888)
Div 3 Champ: UrsineSaturn9 (runners-up: Dazza83, Max_Gassit_28)
Div 4 Champ: Easyprey007 (runners-up: FeZZa_21, webnomad)
Teams Champ (GTSPORT only) : GRT - cptn emmo46 (runners up: PNL - Matthyus, SAR - Kephin_07)


Season 11 - Renault Sport R.S.01 ‘16 (RM Tyres)

Div 1 Champ: Beau231 (runners-up: CaptainRisky21, MetalGear9493)
Div 2 Champ: BiGkEv_87 (runners-up: UNC_Puns16, Motors560)
Div 3 Champ: MONSTAR-1 (runners-up: fubbletrouble888, COME_AND_GET_ME7)
Div 4 Champ: Xtr3meNZer (runners-up: patg65, incey)
Div 5 Champ: TacticalHomework (runners-up: ContrllaGod, Slartybar)
Teams Champ (GTSPORT only) : ICR - cptn T F Eccles (runners up: PNL - Matthyus, GRT - cptn emmo46)


Season 12 - Mazda Roadster Touring Car (SS & SM Tyres)

Div 1 Champ: MINT_Matt (runners-up: Keeden231, Viperzed)
Div 2 Champ: gtking (runners-up: SR_Mezign, TUBBSTER_22)
Div 3 Champ: UrsineSaturn9 (runners-up: Xtr3mNZer, incey)
Div 4 Champ: Dragonfly11- (runners-up: d_karki, ozglenn0513)
Div 5 Champ: sparklehead83 (runners-up: Blunty075, AB_Saints_25)
Teams Champ (GTSPORT only) : SR - cptn REVO_Bryan (runners up: PNL - cptn Matthyus, BHR - cptn Captainrisky21)


Season 13 - Nissan Xanavi Nismo GT-R 2008 (100%Hp/Kg) (RS Tyres)

Div 1 Champ: Keeden231 (runners-up: TwitchyGT, ERT_Noodles)
Div 2 Champ: ReynnHC (runners-up: Motors560, Hatfield)
Div 3 Champ: NUGGET-22 (runners-up: patg65, Xtr3meNZer)
Div 4 Champ: Whizz94 (runners-up: mad_mullac, bluemoon)
Div 5 Champ: Blunty075 (runners-up: AB_Saints_25, peersy_23)
Teams Champ (GTSPORT only) : GRT - cptn Hatfield (runners up: PNL - cptn Matthyus, ICR - cptn tfeccles)


Season 14 - Nissan SKYLINE GT-R V-SPEC II 1994 (100%Hp/Kg) (SS& SM Tyres)
Div 1 Champ: CaptainRisky21 (runners-up: ERT_Noodles, Rangeraus)
Div 2 Champ: Hatfield (runners-up: mad_mullac, UrsineSaturn9)
Div 3 Champ: emmo46 (runners-up: Matthyus, kiwinado)
Div 4 Champ: anders_race (runners-up: doodah27, Dragonfly11-)
Teams Champ (GTSPORT only) : NLR - cptn Matthyus (runners up: PRT - cptn Blunty075, ICR - cptn tfeccles)


Season 15 - Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport '16 (100%Hp/Kg) (RS& RM Tyres)
Div 1 Champ: AmazingHour (runners-up: sidawg2, Noodles8771)
Div 2 Champ: gtkingx (runners-up: UrsineSaturn9, Hatfield)
Div 3 Champ: Greas3_Monkey005 (runners-up: rollscanhardly, NemoIXn)
Div 4 Champ: Whizz94 (runners-up: Beats143, x-OVLOV-x)
Div 5 Champ: bitsamissin_77 (runners-up: sparklehead83, DirtyTomCo)
Teams Champ (GTSPORT only) : GRT - cptn Peersy (runners up: NLR - cptn Matthyus, BHR - cptn CaptainRisky21)


Season 16 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition GR.3 (100%Hp/Kg) (RS, RM tyres)
Div 1 Champ: MINT_Matt (runners-up: PX7-AmazingHour, PX7-Twitchy)
Div 2 Champ: TUBBSTER_22 (runners-up: rollscanhardly, GasMonkee78)
Div 3 Champ: Beats143 (runners-up: emmo46, GT_bananajosh1)
Div 4 Champ: sparklehead83 (runners-up: suhdudws456, webnomad)
Teams Champ (GTSPORT only) : PRT - cptn sparklehead83 (runners up: BHR - cptn CaptainRisky21, ICR - cptn T F Eccles)


Season 17 - BMW M3 Sport Evolution 1989 (100%Hp/Kg) (SM tyres)
Div 1 Champ: PX7-AmazingHour (runners-up: Rangeraus, CaptainRisky21)
Div 2 Champ: Ben Campbell (runners-up: PeterP, Matthyus)
Div 3 Champ: Bluemoon (runners-up: Dragonfly11_, boneslightning)
Teams Champ (GTSPORT only) : ICR - cptn T F Eccles) (runners up: BHR - cptn CaptainRisky21, NLR - cptn Matthyus)


Season 18 - 10 cars and 10 races over 7 weeks - Subaru Impreza 22B (SS) - Shelby GT350 (SS)
Gran Turismo Fugu Z (SS) - Hyundai Genesis Gr.3 (RS) - McLaren P1 (RS) - Pagani Zonda R (RS)
Toyota 86 Gr.4 (RS) - Red Bull Jnr (RS) - Honda 2&4 (SS) - Mazda 787B (RS)
Div 1 Champ: Rangeraus (runners-up: Noodles8771, gtkingx)
Div 2 Champ: emmo46 (runners-up: Anders, Xtr3meNZer)
Div 3 Champ: T F Eccles (runners-up: Aiko_Mac, Se7endan)



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PCLOZ Project CARS 2 [PS4] Official


Season 1 (Renault RS 01 GT3) - sponsored by PAGNIAN IMPORTS 

Div 1 Champ: RHINO11_JONES (runners-up: slambobogan, nigegunz )
Div 2 Champ: stucar17 (runners-up: Jim_aka_TheMan, truss1984)
Div 3 Champ: t_b_williams (runners-up: Ant_427, Hoppy)
Div 4 Champ: Ad2mny (runners-up: anne, ShootSho7t)



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GTLOZ Gran Turismo 6 Official


Season 1 (Subaru BRZ GT300. Base model , Race Hards, race mediums sprint round,)

Div 1 Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: Anon666, mustafur )
Div 2 Champ: N64thestig007 (runners-up: natmanscoop, CobMcCool)
Div 3 Champ: bernsey001 (runners-up: razor4797, hosie09)
Div 4 Champ: DRZ_hatfield (runners-up: GTP_Dutch, emmo46)
Div 5 Champ: Tovey_4saken (runners-up: xxDARKOxx, Ranok3n)
Div 6 Champ: bjh1012 (runners-up: capatowned, Rumbleshorts)


Season 2 (Mclaren F1 GTR Race Car Base model, Varied tyre selections)

Div 1 Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: MINT_GTR, Anon666)
Div 2 Champ: Faine (runners-up: stuart170773, razor4797)
Div 3 Champ: smokinscotty (runners-up: Slambobagon, S_Close)
Div 4 Champ: DoogleDave (runners-up: Blindman, Disturboed)
Div 5 Champ: BJH1012 (runners-up: Ranok3n, copperj32)
Div 6 Champ: CTNPEACH (runners-up: motho, pat65)


Season 3 (Mazda Roadster TC, race hard tyres, very fast wear)

Div 1 Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: GTP_Dholland, MINT_GTR)
Div 2 Champ: T_B_Williams (runners-up: BeauAlbert, razor4797)
Div 3 Champ: groover33 (runners-up: Moozer81, S54VED)
Div 4 Champ: Molch_82 (runners-up: SPL_Racing, Ad2mny)
Div 5 Champ: Oblisc (runners-up: VARDZ31, JAKO155)
Div 6 Champ: dr_twist (runners-up: Webnomad, pat65)

Season 3 Teams Championship (GT6 only)

Champions: TLR - cptn MINT_GTR, (runners-up: (HTO - Cyber_STIG_77, GRT - N64TheStig007)


Season 4 (Pozzi Camaro, SM & SS tyres, fast wear)

Div 1 Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: TRL_holl01, R0T0R_AU86)
Div 1A Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: TRL_holl01, R0T0R_AU86)
Div 1B Champ: Razor4797 (runners-up: The_stig13, T_BWilliams)
Div 2 Champ: COME_AND_GET_ME7 (runners-up: TF22RAPTOR, sirpoopington)
Div 3 Champ: Blindmanracing (runners-up: AussieF1, Seeeeth123)
Div 4 Champ: AOCleaner74 (runners-up: tanktex, Jim_Aka_The_Man)
Div 5 Champ: Flashfirst (runners-up: Stiffsht, Vardz31)
Div 6 Champ: KillerKarlCox69 (runners-up: Kevinkumkwot, freddyp_33)

Teams Champ (GT6 only): NLR - cptn COME_AND_GET_ME7, (runners-up: RZR - VARDZ, BHR - CobMCool)


Season 5 (Mazda RX7 TC, RS & RH tyres, fast wear)

Div 1 Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: R0T0R_AU86, AusNicho9)

Div 1A Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: R0T0R_AU86, AusNicho9)

Div 1B Champ: BeauAlbert (runners-up: Mister_Bond_747, Pringles)

Div 2 Champ: GiantSlayer (runners-up: S54VED, Seeeeth123)

Div 3 Champ: AOCleaner74 (runners-up: Bryan_F, PykeyBraa)

Div 4 Champ: Watto64 (runners-up: Grassies, Jim_Aka_The_Man)

Div 5 Champ: Stiffsht (runners-up: DRZ_Hatfield, jasondull1986)

Div 6 Champ: KillerKarlCox69 (runners-up: crimj1985, CPTNPEACH)

Div 7 Champ: Keiranb33 (runners-up: Littleblack0942, castrofriendche)

Teams Champ (GT6 only): GRT - cptn Ad2mny, (runners-up: (HTO - VARDZ, NLR - COME_AND_GET_ME7)


Season 6 (Lexus LFA Nurburg edition, RS tyres with normal wear)

Div 1 Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: TRL-holl01, AusNicho9)

Div 1A Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: TRL-holl01, AusNicho9)

Div 1B Champ: N64TheStig007 (runners-up: PRINGLES_947, razor4797)

Div 2 Champ: Seeeeth123 (runners-up: S54VED, Slambobagan)

Div 3 Champ: WTF-MAN (runners-up: naacs, Grassies)

Div 4 Champ: DRZ_Hatfield (runners-up: Pinoy350, Adronaught)

Div 5 Champ: Randm90 (runners-up: TheFormalGuy, footlong_warrior)

Div 6 Champ: Viperzed (runners-up: mmm_homebrew, agolfer78)

Div 7 Champ: incey (runners-up: Easyprey007, pat65)

Teams Champ (GT6 only): RZR - cptn disturboed (runners-up: (HTO - DRZ-Hatfield, NLR - COME_AND_GET_ME7)


Season 7 (Subaru Impreza GT300, RH & RS tyres with fast wear)

Div 1 Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: N64thestig007, Ben78)

Div 1A Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: N64thestig007, TRL-holl01)

Div 1B Champ: Ben78 (runners-up: seeeeth123, S54ved)

Div 2 Champ: Bryan_F (runners-up: DRZ_Hatfield, Whiteracer)

Div 3 Champ: Watto64 (runners-up: B-Spec Bob, The_Spectre)

Div 4 Champ: incey (runners-up: arakasi, ikilledskippy)

Div 5 Champ: Copperj32 (runners-up: purpledog, webnomad)

Teams Champ (GT6 only): HTO - cptn DRZ-Hatfield, (runners-up: PRT - Naacs, NLR - AOCleaner74)

Season 8 (Peugeot 908 HDi FAP '10, RS tyres with normal wear)

Div 1 Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: Ausnich09, N64thestig007)

Div 1A Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: Ausnich09, N64thestig007)

Div 1B Champ: StigsTC (runners-up: Bryan_F, Randm90)

Div 2 Champ: B-Spec Bob (runners-up: Crunch, DRZ_Hatfield)

Div 3 Champ: arakasi (runners-up: LittleBlacko, Disturboed)

Cross platform Teams Champ (pCARS S2): SAR - cptn SickSkillz011, runners_up: (BHR SPL_Racing, HTO VARDZ)


2015 Selby400 Prize Event - sponsored by SELBY ACOUSTICS 

  • Major Prize Winner: Randm90
  • Room 1 Race Winner: Beau_Albert (runners-up: Ad2mny, Randmn90)
  • Room 2 Race Winner: Fastboysmith (runners-up: CPTNPCH, Viperized)
  • Room 2 Race Winner: SPL_Racing (runners-up: garyw61, t_b_williams) 


Season 9 (Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 '11, RS/RM tyres with normal wear) - The Gamesmen Cup

Div 1 Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: Ausnich09, B-Spec Bob)

Div 1B Champ: X-WTF_MAN-X (runners-up: Skywalker, its-benny-racer)

Div 2 Champ: Motorsport560 (runners-up: holdenman05, bmx_mtb_boy)

Div 3 Champ: naacs (runners-up: incey, Easyprey007)

Cross platform Teams Champ (w. pCARS S3): NLR - cptn COME_AND_GET_ME7 (runners-up: HTO- VARDZ), PRT - Naacs)


Season 10 (Ferrari 365 GTB4 '71, sS/SM tyres with fast wear) - Powered by Turtle Beach
Div 1 Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up:Bryan_F, B-Spec Bob)
Div 1B Champ: lets_party_1611 (runners-up: Motorsports560, holdenman05)
Div 2 Champ: bmx_mtb_boy (runners-up: Hatfield, luckgoesmyway)
Div 3 Champ: emmo46 (runners-up: Bluemoon, Knuckles013)

Cross platform Teams Champ (w. pCARS S4 & AC S8): BHR - cptn SPL_Racing, (runners-up: RZR - disturboed, PRT - Naacs)


 Season 11 (Honda HSV-010 GT Base Model '12, RM tyres/SS @ sprint with normal wear)
Div 1 Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up:B-Spec Bob, Ausnicho)
Div 1B Champ: Crunch360 (runners-up: holdenman05, natmanscoop)
Div 2 Champ: ssman244 (runners-up: russell, Knuckles013)
Div 3 Champ: adronaught (runners-up: Bluemoon, incey)
Div 3B Champ: WOLFFYDADDY (runners-up: Half Byte, Arnold Watson)

Cross platform Teams Champ (w. pCARS S5 & AC S9): GRT - cptn N64TheStig007, (runners-up: PRT - Naacs, TLR - v8power383)


Season 12 (Nissan GT-R R35 TC, RS tyres)
Div 1 Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up:ssman244, StigsTC)
Div 1B Champ: Jaycie (runners-up: holdenman05, russell)
Div 2 Champ: Knuckles013 (runners-up: Nigel Burley, its-benny-racer)
Div 3 Champ: poppinfresh (runners-up: Bluemoon, emmo46)
Div 3B Champ: annemarie (runners-up: Arnold Watson, easyprey)
Cross platform Teams Champ (w. pCARS S6 & AC S10): BHR - cptn SPL Racing, (runners-up: ROOZ - disturboed, HTO - Seth123)


Season 13 (Light Car Company Rocket '07, Sports Hard (Comfort Soft ONLY for Round 4)
Div 1 Champ: StigTC (runners-up: TRL_beau, Bryan_F)
Div 1B Champ: Russell (runners-up: Knuckles, holdenman05)
Div 2 Champ: Hatfield (runners-up: aranteamo, Adronaught)
Div 2B Champ: emmo46 (runners-up: bluemoon, cola1001)
Cross platform Teams Champ (w. pCARS S7 & AC S11): ICR - cptn Hatfield, (runners-up: NLR - Bryan_F, BHR - SPL_Racing)


Season 14 (GT300 (different car for each division), Racing Hard
Overall Champ: Adam Wyman (runners-up: B-Spec Bob, natmanscoop)
Div 1 Champ: B-Spec Bob (runners-up: ssman, Russell)
Div 1B Champ: natmanscoop (runners-up: hatfield, bmx_mtb_boy)
Div 2 Champ: Adam Wyman (runners-up: bluemoon, emmo46)




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ACLOZ Assetto Corsa [PC] Official 

Championship Tables Season 6 onwards can be viewed in this album


SEASON 1 ("The sampler!")

Champ: KoAStR (runners up: R0t0R-AU86, Anon666)


SEASON 2 (Alfa GTA | BMW 235iR | C7R GTR)

Champ: theStig13 (runners up: KoAStR, QC)


SEASON 3 (Toyota GT86 | URD GT3) Ballast system in effect

Champ: TIED theStig13 & Cherno (runner up: Cooper) 


SEASON 4 (BMW E30 & Mercedes 190 DTM | SCG003C) Ballast system in effect

Div 1 Champ: KoAStR (runners up: SunLevi; Cherno)

Div 2 Champ: Zampli (runners up: PeteC; gominiman)


SEASON 5 ("Prepare to Slide" Ford Escort RS1600) Ballast system in effect

Div 1 Champ: Cherno (runners up: Cooper; Stiggy)

Div 2 Champ: QC (runners up: Carlos; BJMatho)


SEASON 6 (Lotus 240R | 240R S3) Ballast system in effect  - The Gamesmen Cup 

Div 1 Champ: KoAStR (runners up: Cherno; QC)

Div 2 Champ: Mael (runners up: Loris P; Pete C)


SEASON 7 ("Various Automobiles Jamborie aka V.A.J.") Fixed setup & Ballast system in effect - The Gamesmen Cup 2nd Chance

Div 1 Champ: KoAStR (runners up: Shaun A; Anon-666)

Div 2 Champ: Zampli (runners up: Cyber_77; Loris P.)


SEASON 8 (Maserati MC GT4 | Ferrari 488 GT3) Ballast system in effect - Powered by Turtle Beach

Div 1 Champ: KoAStR (runners up: R0t0R; Cherno)

Div 2 Champ: Rolz (runners up: C4rLoS; Cyber_77)


SEASON 9 (Mazda MX-5 Cup) Ballast system in effect

Div 1 Champ: KoAStR (runners up: Cherno; ED40t)

Div 2 Champ: Doublevision (runners up: Cyber_77; Krunch)


SEASON 10 (Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017) Ballast system in effect

Mega Grid Champ: KoAStR (runners up: Shaun.A; Cherno)


SEASON 11 (Mazda RX7 Tuned | Mazda 787B) Ballast system in effect - Supported by Selby Acoustics and ignitiON Controls

Mega Grid Champ: Cherno (runners up: Shaun.A; thestig13)



Champ: KoAStR (runners up: marty; thestig13)


SEASON 13 (Nissan GT-R Skyline R34 V-Spec) - Sponsored by PAGNIAN IMPORTS 

Champ: KoAStR (runners up: Ed40t; Marty)


SEASON 14 (F2004)

Champ: Shaun_A (runners up: Marty; Rolz)


SEASON 15 (V8SC) - Supported by ignitiON Controls

Champ: Shaun_A (runners up: Marty; Godzilla)


SEASON 16 (Corvette C7R)

Champ: andyo450 (runners up: Rolz; Godzilla)


SEASON 17 (Lotus 72D v Ferrari 312T)

Champ: andyo450 (runners up: Godzilla; Parkour)


SEASON 18 (Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017)

Champ: andyo450 (runners up: tezpez85; Shaun.A)


SEASON 19 (Tatuus FA01 Formula Abarth)

Champ: andyo450 (runners up: tezpez85; Krunch)





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PCLOZ Project CARS [PS4] Official


Season 1 (RUF GT3, Unlimited tyres)
Div 1 Champ: GiantSlayer (runners-up: thebigRAGOO, SickSkillz011)
Div 2 Champ: Cowdoesfly (runners-up: Jim_aka_TheMan, Spidey_11)
Div 3 Champ: emuegg (runners-up: jasondull, ad2mny)


Season 2 (Mercedes 190 DTM - 2 x tyres)
Div 1 Champ: OnTheApexAlbert (runners-up: Autech91, zuluwoffle)
Div 2 Champ: The_Spectre (runners-up: CobMcCool, Spidey_11)
Div 3 Champ: BeAkErOo (runners-up: seowster, GT_BANDIT_666)
Div 4 Champ: FeZZa_21 (runners-up: Rocketrod00001, webnomad)


Season 3 (Radical SR3-RS) - The Gamesmen Cup
Div 1 Champ: samsung1998racer (runners-up: The_Spectre_au, OnTheApexAlbert)
Div 2 Champ: stuart170773 (runners-up: slambobagan, COME_AND_GET_ME7)
Div 3 Champ: Zharvs92 (runners-up: SPL_Racing, Kart-no-1)
Div 4 Champ: Freddy_p33 (runners-up: nathancarhead, Dev1lman_87)


Season 2 (Ginetta GT4, - )
Div 1 Champ: OnTheApexAlbert (runners-up: Slambobagan,SickSkillz011)
Div1B Champ: Slambobagan (runners-up: COME_AND_GET_ME7,Spidey_11)
Div 2 Champ: AOCleaner74 (runners-up: mikeruntbike, SPL_Racing)
Div 3 Champ: Jason1986 (runners-up: gary61, Anthony Chaplin)
Div 4 Champ: ranok3n (runners-up: Ryzza5, cruciald00dz)


Season 5  (BMW Z4 GT3, - Soft Tyres)
Div 1 Champ: samsung1998racer (runners-up: OnTheApexAlbert, Slambobagan)
Div 2 Champ: Kart-no-1 (runners-up: Jim_aka_TheMan, v8power383)
Div 3 Champ: BLINDMANRACING (runners-up: Freddy_p33, VARDZZ_31)
Div 4 Champ: Tuddy5611 (runners-up: mwkw1520, anthbark)


Season 6  (Ford Sierra RS500, - Race Medium Tyres)

Div 1 Champ: quickasrx7 (runners-up: OnTheApexAlbert, Slambobagan)

Div 2 Champ: v8power383 (runners-up: BLINDMANRACING, gary61)

Div 3 Champ: rossi0nsx (runners-up: dj2ca, ranok3n)




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F1LOZ Formula 1 2016-17 [PS4] Official



Drivers Champ: Jonostan96 [Renault] (runners up: Seth123 [Mercedes]; its-benny-racer [Williams Mercedes])

Constructors Champ: Renault Sport Formula 1 Team (runners up: Haas F1 Team; Red Bull Racing TAG-Heuer)



Drivers Champ: its-benny-racer [Ferrari] (runners up: razor4797 [STR-Ferrari]; Motors560 [Mercedes])

Constructors Champ: Scuderia Ferrari (runners up: Mercedes AMG Petronas; Scuderia Toro Rosso)



 Drivers Champ: Jonostan96 [Force India-Mercedes] (runners up: Keedan [McLaren-Honda]; Nigegunz [Haas-Ferrari])

 Constructors Champ: Force India (runners up: McLaren; Haas F1 Team)



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GTLOZ Gran Turismo 5 Official 2010-13

Season 1
(HPA Audi TT, Race Mediums)

  • Div 1 Champ: Taken-1186 (JC) (runners-up: OuttaAngst, Floodsim)
  • Div 2 Champ: Leeboy910
  • Div 3 Champ: Yeomans84
  • Div 4 N/A
  • Div 5 Champ: Zytheran
  • Div 6 Champ: DamnBoxes (runner-up: Carn_the_Pies)

Season 2 (CASTROL Toyota Supra '97, Race Mediums)

  • Div 1 Champ: Beau261 (runners-up: KoAStR, TAKEN-1186 aka JC)
  • Div 2 Champ: CAPPS (runners-up: Nasanu)
  • Div 3 Champ: GTP_Dutch (runners-up: Anon666)
  • Div 4 Champ: SEIDO463 (runners-up: Barra)
  • Div 5 Champ: Neishy4A-GTE (runners-up: Aza2672)
  • Div 6 Champ: M1k1_D (runners-up: Bonus_888)


Season 3 (TVR Tamora '06, Sport Hards)

  • Div 1 Champ: Beau261 (runners-up: GTP_Paulie, KoAStR)
  • Div 2 Champ: Corzza7 (runners-up: Chevwah)
  • Div 3 Champ: TekNiqueAU (runners-up: Stucar17)
  • Div 4 Champ: Venosuala (runners-up: ricoXR4)


Season 4 (McLaren MP4, Cascading tyre tier: Sport Soft to Race Mediums)

  • Div 1 Champ: Small_Fryz (runners-up: ansquad, KoAStR)
  • Div 2 Champ: F1R3W1ND (runners-up: Floodsim)
  • Div 3 Champ: holden_boy90


Season 5 (High End Performance G37, Sport Soft)

  • Div 1 Champ: Jezza1 (runners-up: Pagone41, Chevwah)
  • Div 2 Champ: Bonus_888 (runners-up: Stucar17, Neishy4A-GTE)
  • Div 3 Champ: Dougz32 (runners-up: Aza2672, Nugget_22)


Season 6 (Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Race Modified, Race Hard)

  • Div 1 Champ: Chevwah (runners-up: blueyonder, Jezza1)
  • Div 2 Champ: Anon666 (runners-up: Stucar, tekNiqueAU)
  • Div 3 Champ: Zampli (runners-up: Nugget_22, garyw61 (figjam))

2011 Pagnian 458 Itialia GTXtreme Prize Race - sponsored by PAGNIAN IMPORTS 

  • Champ: KoAStR (runners-up: Pagone41, SNAKEiSM)


Season 7 (Cheverolet Camaro 2010 RM, Race Soft & Medium)

  • Div 1 Champ: Anon666 (runners-up: Chevwah, SNAKEiSM)
  • Div 2 Champ: Aussie_man21 (runners-up: TekNiqueAU, MrTopCat)
  • Div 3 Champ: GTP_Dutch (runners-up: CobMcCool, DanInline6)


Season 8 (Toyota FT86 G sports concept '10, Sport Soft)

  • Div 1 Champ: ENFORCER_98 (runners-up: Chevwah, aussie_man21)
  • Div 2 Champ: Zampli (runners-up: Stucar17, Dougz32)
  • Div 3 Champ: Stumbles01 (runners-up: disturboed, garyw61)


Season 9 (Nissan GTR 2008 Super GT, Race Soft & Hard)

  • Div 1 Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: ENFORCER_98, Zampli)
  • Div 2 Champ: Nugget-22 (runners-up: natmanscoop, stucar170773)
  • Div 3 Champ: cjmonkey610 (runners-up: garyw61, x-3vilm00n)
  • Div 4 Champ: HSV_Butters (runners-up: Rumbleshorts, Clevohead)


2012 Pagnian Mazda RX-7 Next Level Racing Wheel Stand Prize Race - sponsored by PAGNIAN IMPORTS 

  • Major Prize Winner: disturboed (Minor prize winner: disturboed again!)
  • Room 1 Race Winner: Warrior (runners-up: Chevwah, SNAKEiSM)
  • Room 2 Race Winner: Stumbles (runners-up: Teknique, NUGGET-22)

Season 10 (Mazda RX7 Spirit R Type A, Sport Medium, Sport Soft for Sprint rounds)

  • Div 1 Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: Zampli, aussieman_21)
  • Div 2 Champ: CobMcCool (runners-up: cjmonkey610, Beannie84)
  • Div 3 Champ: sidfire1 (runners-up: garyw61, ROOZ_M1k1)
  • Div 4 Champ: Emmo46 (runners-up: Ad2mny, S_CLOSE)

2013 NASCAR PX3 Prize Race "Turn Left" - supported by TURTLE BEACH 

  • Major Prize Winner: sidfire1
  • Room 1 Race Winner: aussieman_21 (runners-up: Mustafur, Anon666)
  • Room 2 Race Winner: Stumbles (runners-up: Teknique, daninline6)
  • Room 3 Race Winner: X-3vilm00n (runners-up: midron, clevohead)

Season 11 (TVR Tuscan Speed Six [RM] '00), Racing Medium, Racing Soft for Enduro, Racing Hard for Sprint round)

  • Div 1 Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: theStig13, Zampli)
  • Div 2 Champ: tekNique (runners-up: Anon666, N64thestig007)
  • Div 3 Champ: S_CLOSE (runners-up: vendalism, emmo46)
  • Div 4 Champ: Darko (runners-up: cwhelan, sparklehead83)

Season 12 (Honda NSX Type R ‘02, Sports Soft)

  • Div 1 Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: mustafur, X4rotorploxX)
  • Div 2 Champ: NUGGET-22 (runners-up: S_Close, vendalism)
  • Div 3 Champ: t_b_williams (runners-up: sparklehead83, Darko)

Season 13 (Citroen)

  • Div 1A Champ: warrior2167 (runners-up: mustafur, Anon666)
  • Div 1B Champ: corzza7 (runners-up: stuart170773, TekNique)
  • Div 2A Champ: ovwerdrivve(runners-up: disturboed, T_B_Williams)
  • Div 2B Champ: hr31gtr(runners-up: bjh1012, hazeone68)




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 GTLOZ Gran Turismo Sport Community Events


15/4/2018 - NASCAR Style Oval Race

Drivers - 1st: [Viperzed (Mercedes SLS AMG)]: (runners-up: : [Kartdude (Mercedes SLS AMG)], [Knuckles (Lexus)])
Teams - 1st: [Budweiser Racing (viperzed,Kartdude)(Mercedes SLS AMG)]: (runners-up: [Texaco Racing (Knuckles, Luckgoesmyway (Lexus)], [Energetic General Motorsports (CAB77, Arakasi) (Toyota FT1/ AMG)]) 


30/6/2018 - RACEONOZ Bathurst 3 Hour

Room Bowe: 1st: [MINT_GTR (Lexus RCF)]: (runners-up: : [Jono (VW Beetle)], [Seth123 (Jaguar F-Type)])

Room Mies: 1st: [Noremac (Mercedes SLS AMG)]: (runners-up: [xlxy90 (Jaguar F-Type)], [patg65 (Mazda Atenza)]) 


12/8/2018 - Super GT Suzuka 200km

GT500: 1st: [Hatfield (au TOM'S RC F '16)]: (runners-up: : [LITTLEBLACKO (MOTUL AUTECK GT-R '16)], [Easyprey (MOTUL AUTECK GT-R '16)])

GT300: 1st: [Bryan_F (M6 GT3 M Power)]: (runners-up: [knuckles (911 RSR (991) '17)], [Noremac (AMG GT3 '16)])


ROOZ TCR Cup (REC support series) Grp 4 - 4 round championship completed 2nd December 2018

Teams: 1st: [Raceonoz Stewart(d)s (Audi TT Cup)],  2nd: Lucky's Lawn Care (Audi TT Cup),  3rd: SLAPMAC Motorsport (VW Scirocco)

Drivers: 1st [Hatfield (Audi TT Cup)], 2nd: Knuckles (Audi TT Cup),  3rd: Normxc (VW Scirocco)

RaceOnOz Endurance Championship Grp 3 - 4 round championship completed 9th December 2018

Teams: 1st [SlapMac Motorsports (Porsche 911 GT3)], 2nd: Lucky's Lawn Care Racing (McLaren Grp 3), 3rd: Raceonoz Steward(t)s team (Viper)

Drivers: 1st [Normxc (Porsche 911 GT3)], 2nd Hatfield (Viper), 3rd: Bryan_F (McLaren Grp 3)


GTSport Test Season 2019 - Renault Sport MEGANE TROPHY 2011 ( Jan 2019)

Overall Champ: Crunch630 (runners-up: Bryan_F, viperzed)
Div 1 Champ: Crunch630 (runners-up: Bryan_F, viperzed)
Div 2 Champ: Ozgelnn0513 (runners-up: incey, Deedz_Aus)
Div 3 Champ: Jonesy82360 (runner-up: tfeccles)


2/3/2019: Barcelona 3 hour (RM tires) Rd 1 of 2019 RaceOnOz WORLD ENDURANCE TOUR Powered By Hi-Tec Oils

Winner: [Keeden McDonald - (McLaren 650S)]  runners-up: [noremac - (Porsche 911 RSR), Johnostan - (VW Beetle)]

23/3/2019: 3 Hours of Monza (RS tires Rd 2 of 2019 RaceOnOz WORLD ENDURANCE TOUR Powered By Hi-Tec Oils

Winner: [BlueXephos - (BMW M6 GT3)]  runners-up: [Vardz - (Nissan GT-R GT3), Itz/TDZDave/HP/Chantelle - (BMW Z4 GT3)]


HI TEC OILS Gr.4 Series - 5 round championship completed 7th April 2019

Pro Drivers: 1st [Noremac (Mercedes SLS AMG)], 2nd: Hatfield (Lamborghini Huracan), 3rd: Jonostan (Bugatti Veyron)

Am Drivers: 1st [Ozglenn (Lamborghini Huracan], 2nd emmo46 (Ferrari 458), 3rd: Incey (Ferrari 458)


13/4/19: Mount Panorama Cup (GT4/TCX) RM/RS X2 Tyre/Fuel
(GT4 Winner: Vardz, TCX Winner: Motors)

27/4/19: Lago Maggiore 3 Hour (GT3) RM
(Winner: BlueXephos, 2nd: Keeden, 3rd: StigsTC)

18/5/19: Fuji 500km (GT500/GT300) RS
(GT500 Winner: StigsTC, GT300 Winner: Noremac)

22/6/19: Nürburgring 3 Hours (GT3) RM
(Winner: Razor/Viperzed, 2nd: Motors, 3rd: Risky

6/7/19: Bathurst 3 Hour (GT3) RS
(Winner: Vardz, 2nd: Risky, 3rd: Keeden)

3/8/19: Gran Premio do Brasil (LMP1-H/GTLM) RS
(LMP1-H Winner: Mint, GTLM Winner: Xerxes)

24/8/19: 3 Heures du Mans (LMP1-H/GTLM) RS
(LMP1-H Winner: BlueXephos, GTLM Winner: Viperzed)

14/9/19: Suzuka 500km (GT500/GT300) RS
(GT500 Winner: TNR_5zigen, GT300 Winner: BlueXephos)

5/10/19: Historic Le Mans Showdown (Gr.C) RS
(Winner: StigsTC, 2nd: Mint, 3rd: BlueXephos)

26/10/19: The Dragon’s Den (GT3) RS

(Winner: ItzRacing, 2nd: BlueXephos, 3rd: Jono)


Round 13: 14/12/19: 3 Hours of Spa (GT3) RS

(Winner: BigKev, 2nd: Jono, 3rd, Keeden)


13/10/19 Bathurst Tribute Race  Ford Mustanf Gr 4

(Winner: JonoStan96, 2nd Ozglenn, 3rd X3rx3s44)


TCR Cup - 2019 Season FWD Grp 4 - 6 Round Championship completed 12th Jan 2020

1st - Bryan_F - Peugeot RCZ (runners up: Hatfield - VW Scirocco, emmo46 - Renault Mégane)


Supercars Next Generation Series - 2020 Season
Grp 3 team championship (Lexus RC-F, BMW M6, Ford Mustang) - 10 Round Championship completed 13th Aug 2020

Next Gen 1 overall Championship - Car #64 Owner emmo46 (BMW M6, drivers Hatfield, gtking, apex 2691, emmo46)

Next Gen 1 Driver Champion - Xtr3meNZer (BMW M6)

Next Gen 2 overall Championship - Car #47 Owner Viperzed (Lexus RC-F, driver Razor4797)

Next Gen 2 Driver Champion - Razor4797 (Lexus RC-F)


19/10/20 Bathurst Tribute 2020 - Ford Mustang Gr 3
Room 1 - (Winner: vik chan, 2nd Ursinesaturn9, 3rd Pat65)

Room 2 - (Winner: emmo46, 2nd gasmonkee78, 3rd Dybo)


THROWBACK THURSDAY Series. GTS Seasons 1-10 Completed 29th October 2020
GTSport seasons season 1 - 11 cars over 10 rounds
1st - CaptainRisky21 (runners up: UrsineSaturn9, razor4797)


24/01/21 Nürburgring 2 Hour

(Winner: Mint_Matt - BMW Z4 GT3 '11, 2nd Keeden231 - Mercede-Benz SLS AMG GT3 '11, 3rd Twitchy - BMW Z4 GT3 '11)


April 2021

Super Production Championship Cup - 2020-1 Season (9 rounds)

Grp 4 drivers and team championship (VW Scirocco, Mazda Atenza, Ford Mustang) - 9 Round Championship completed 25th March 2021
Overall Driver Champion - gtking, runners up (Hatfield, Blunty075)
VW Scirocco Driver Champion - Hatfield, runners up (Max_Gassit, Apex2691)
Mazda Atenza Driver Champion - Blunty075, runners up (emmo46, gtking)
Ford Mustang Driver Champion - gtking, runners up (Hatfield, Blunty075)

Overall Team Prize - Sunova Beach Racing - Owner emmo46 (drivers Hatfield, gtking, apex 2691, emmo46)
VW Scirocco Team Prize - Sunova Beach Racing - Owner emmo46 (drivers Hatfield, gtking, apex 2691, emmo46)
Mazda Atenza Team Prize - Sunova Beach Racing - Owner emmo46 (drivers Hatfield, gtking, apex 2691, emmo46)
Ford Mustang Team Prize - Sunova Beach Racing - Owner emmo46 (drivers Hatfield, gtking, apex 2691, emmo46)

Overall team prize - Sunova Beach Racing - Owner emmo46 (drivers Hatfield, gtking, apex 2691, emmo46, naacs)
runners up - 2. REVO Satellite - owner UrsineSaturn9 (drivers UrsineSaturn9, Max_Gassit_28, TwitchyGT viperzed,Bryan_F)
3. Xtr3me Motorsport - owner xtr3menzeder (drivers xtr3menzeder, Tubbster, Groover33, D_Karki, Gasmonkee78, Patg65, Peersey23)

VW team prize - REVO Satellite - owner UrsineSaturn9
Mazda team prize - Sunova Beach Racing- Owner emmo46
Ford team prize - Sunova Beach Racing- Owner emmo46

Drivers Champion - gtking, runners up (Steve_73_goof, Hatfield)


5/9/2021 Bathurst 2 Hour

Room 1 - (Winner: Keeden231 - 650S GT3 '15 '11, 2nd Hatfield - Viper SRT GT3-R '15, 3rd AmazingHour - Genesis GR.3)

Room 2 - (Winner: TheStoneTowel - Corvette C7 Gr.3, 2nd CurvingTexas - M6 GT3 Walkenhorst '16, 3rd OrphanDrop - AMG GT3 '16)

Room 3 - (Winner: Beats143 - GT-R GT3 Schultze Msport '13, 2nd Rollscanhardly - Corvette C7 Gr.3, 3rd Xtr3meNZer - Mustang Gr.3)


 5/12/21 Bathurst Tribute 2021 - Ford Mustang Gr 3
Mustang Room - (Winner: C1_Parrit, 2nd CRASHYMATE, 3rd emmo46)

Ford Room - (Winner: Xtr3meNZer, 2nd Disco_stew01, 3rd tfeccles)


December 2021 -Super Car Next Generation Seson 2 Championship Cup - 2021 Season (9 rounds)

Grp 3 drivers and team championship (Corvette C7, BMW M3, Ford Mustang) - 9 Round Championship completed 9th December 2021

Overall Driver Champion - gtking, runners up (Rollscanhardly, Viperzed)

Overall Team Prize
1st Sunova Beach Racing - Owner emmo46 (drivers emmo46, Hatfield, gtking, apex 2691, Bananjosh, Naacs, Rangeraus)
2nd Revo Satellite Racing - Owner Ursinesaturn (drivers Ursinesaturn, viperzed, Beats143, boneslightning, speedytyres, Bryan_F)
2nd Xtr3me Motorsport - Owner Xtr3menzer (drivers Xtr3menzer, Sirdids, Rollscanhardly, Peersy, Naacs)


9/1/2022 Tokyo 2 Hour - South Inner Loop Gr.3

Room 1 - (Winner: TX3_GTR - GT-R GT3 Schulze Motorsport '13, 2nd Rangeraus - 458 Italia GT3 '13, 3rd sidawg2 - Corvette C7 Gr.3)

Room 2 - (Winner: ASR_Atom - Volkswagen GTI VGT (Gr.3), 2nd kiwi787nzwn - Huracan GT3 '15, 3rd DYNAMITE_296 - Genesis Gr.3)

Room 3 - (Winner: Whizz94 - M6 GT3 Walkenhorst '16, 2nd emmo46 - Lancer Evo.Final Gr.3, 3rd UrsineSaturn9 - McLaren F1 GTR - BMW '95)


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GTLOZ Gran Turismo 6 Community Events


SEASON 13 RACE OF CHAMPIONS - Grand valley Speedway - hosted by T_B_williams • Champ: Overdrivve (runners-up: Hr31gts, S_Close)


NASCAR Series 3hosted by Stucar17 (5 races through Dec 2013/Jan 2014)
•Teams Champ: [Warrior + Evilmoon] (runners-up: [anon66 + stumbles], [Mustafur/FrznAU + midron18])
•Drivers Champ: Warrior (runners-up: Anon666, thestig13)
•Road Race Champion: [Gary61] (runners-up: Anon666, thestig13)

ROOZ VS ANZGT Team event #1 - GT500 teams - Hosted by ANZGT • 1st: X4rotorploxX, Some ANZGT dude, Zampli


ROOZ VS ANZGT Team event #2 - BMW M3 GTR '03 • 1st: warrior2167, cyberstig, skunky


FF FanaticsTwo race event - Hosted by T_BWilliams • Champ: Emmo46 (runners-up: Mustafur, Floodsim)

Econobox Cup - hosted by Mustafur
•Overall Champ: Mustafur (runners-up: Zampli, GTP_DHolland) 
•Teams Champ: Danongle [Anon666 + DoogleDave + Cyber_stig] (runners-up: Team Zammo [Zampli + Emmo46], The Italian Job [Mustafur + TTR_joe90]
•2nd Drivers Champ: Emmo46 (runners-up: DoogleDave, Ranok3n)

Australasian GT Community Championship event #1 • 1st: Mustafur (runners-up: Oni_chan, MINT_GTR)


GT6 Season 1 Race of Champions - Hosted by T_B_Williams • 1st: bj1012 (runners-up: N64TheStig007, DoogleDave)


ROOZ VS ANZGT Team event #3 - Renault Sport Mégane R.S. Trophy '11 • 1st: TTR_Toivo, (runners up: Warrior, Mustafur)


ROOZ VS ANZGT Championship • O'All driver Champion: TTR_Toivo, runners up (mustafur, MINT_GTR) • Teams Championship: ORS, runners up (ROOZ, OCMB)


FR FightersTwo race event - Hosted by T_BWilliams • Champ: COME_AND_GET_ME7 (runners-up: Ranoken, t_b_williams)


Senna Memorial Race - 2 x 12 laps Nurburgring GP/F • Champ: Mustafur (runners-up:GTP_Holland, Anon666)


Pre-1984 - The Good ol' Years middle aged Champ and overall winner: Anon666 • old bastards champ: CobMcCool


Jono's Fully Boosted Championship  Champ: N64TheStig007 (runners-up: DoogleDave, MINT_GTR)


2.4 Hours of Lemans • Champ: MINT_GTR (runners-up: T_BWilliams, Stumbles)

Intercontinental Sports Car Championship (5 round Championship)hosted by Mustafur
• Overall Champ and Pro Division: MINT_GTR (runners-up: Mustafur, N64thestig007) 
• SP Division Champ:T_B_williams (runners-up: Gary51, CAGM)
• Gent Division Champ: emmo46 (runners-up: DoogleDave, Ranok3n)
• Teams Champ: Asia [MINT_GTR + N64thestig007 + Ranok3n + VH_MIK+ Hazeone + Fastboy + ROTOR-au] 

GT6 Season 2 Race of ChampionsHosted by TB_Williams/Gary61 • 1st: Razor4797 (runners-up: Doogledave, Smokinscotty)

Senna Tribute F3 Series Championshiphosted by Leeboy 910
Room 1 •1st: MINT_GTR (runners-up: ROTOR-AU86, Natmanscoop) 
Room 2 •1st: Anon666 (runners-up: VH_Mik, Cyber_stig77)


Mini's on The Mountain hosted by Ad2mny • Champ: CAGM (runners-up: Anon666, T_Bwilliams)


Div 4 thru 6 Tourhosted by emmo46/DekGT5mad • Champ: Ad2mny (runners-up: Jim_aka_the_man, DekGT5mad)


• Gold Champ: MINT_GTR (runners-up: anon666, R0T0R-AU86)
• Silver Champ: COME_AND_GET_ME7 (runners-up: Slambobagan, DRZ-Hatfield)
• Bronze Champ: X-3vilm00n (runners-up: Ranok3n, VARDZ31)


State of Origin Series 3 • Team Champ: NSW (runners-up: Qld, Bruce's Outsiders) • Drivers Champ: Warrior2167 (runners-up: N64TheStig007, MINT_GTR) 


Full weather/damage series - hosted by DRZ_Hatfield • Champ: DRZ_Hatfield (runners-up: T_B_Williams, R0T0R-AU86) 


Season 3 Race of Rookieshosted by Pykeybraa • Champ: WTF MAN (runners-up: Mister Bond, Pykeybraa)


GT6 Season 3 Race of Champions12th October 2014 - hosted by TB_Williams/Gary61 • 1st: MINT_GTR (runners-up: warrior2167, groover33) 


Season 3 Race of Second Fiddles12th October 2014 - hosted by DRZ_Hatfield/skywalker • 1st: R0T0R-AU86 (runners-up: CobMcCool, Jako155)


Halloween Fright Night Part II7th October 2014 - hosted by N64TheStig007 • 1st: N64theStig007 (runners-up: fastboysmith, Zampli)


Full Damage series 2 - hosted by DRZ_Hatfield • 1st:T_BWilliams  (runners-up: COME_AND_GET_ME7, N64theStig007)


Fiesta en la Sierra!! - hosted by  N64theStig007 • 1st: MINT_GTR (runners-up: N64theStig007, COME_AND_GET_ME7 )


BJ's 50th Birthday 240RS Event -hosted by  N64theStig007 • 1st: BeauAlbert (runners-up: S_Close, N64theStig007 )


Season 4 Race of Rookies - hosted by Pykeybraa145 • Champ: Bryan_F(runners-up: aussief1, tanktex)


GT6 SEASON 4 RACE OF CHAMPIONS - Bathursthosted by T_B_williams • Champ: N64Thestig007 (runners-up:or razor4797, AOCleaner84)


Season 4 Race of Second Fiddles - hosted by DRZ-Hatfield • Champ: Footlong_Warrior (runners-up: Jim_Aak_The_Man, TheStig13)


No Practice Series - hosted by DRZ-Hatfield • Champ: R0T0R-AU (runners-up: COME_AND_GET_ME7,  razor4797)


Econobox Cup V8 Supercars Mini Redbull Ring - Hosted by Mustafur

• Overall Champ and Pro Division: MINT_GTR (runners-up: R0T0R-AU, fastboysmith) 
• Pro/Am Division Champ: COME_AND_GET_ME7
• Gent Division Champ: emmo46 


Mini's Deep in the Grand Valley event hosted by ad2mny • Champ: MINT_GTR (runners-up: COME_AND_GET_ME7,  S_Close)


 Season 11-17 Throwback World Domination
•Gold Champ: MINT_GTR (runners-up: R0T0R_AU86, alfa5252)
•Silver Champ: seeeeth123 (runners-up: S_CLOSE, Aussie_F1)
•Bronze Champ: V8Power383 (runners-up: Footlong_Warrior, VARDZ31)


 No Practice Series (With driver selection)  - hosted by Gary61 • Champ: alfa5252 (runners-up: Seeeeth123,  R0T0R_AU)


 Thursday Night NASCAR Series hosted by Stucar17 (3 races through Jan 2015)

•Teams Champ: [N64TheStig007 + Ranok3n] (runners-up: [tb_williams + Jim_aka_theman], [Kevkumkwot + ROTOR])
•Drivers Champ: N64TheStig007 (runners-up: Beau_Albert, Jim_Aka_Theman)


The "what the hell are these cars doing in a racing game" cup - hosted by Ad2mny

  1st: Disturboed (runners-up: N64theStig007, emmo46)


State of Origin Series 4 • Team Champ: NSW (runners-up: Qld, Vic)
• Drivers Champ Lewis Room: Warrior2167 (runners-up: CAGM7, N64theStig007 )
• Drivers Champ Johns Room: WTFMAN (runners-up: Konnor, Ad2mny )


Full Weather/Damage series 2 - hosted by DRZ_Hatfield • 1st: N64theStig007  (runners-up: DRZ_Hatfield, emmo46)


GT6 SEASON 5 RACE OF CHAMPIONS - Spa - hosted by T_B_williams • Champ: DRZ-Hatfield (runners-up: v8power283, viperzed)


GT6 SEASON 5 Race of Second Fiddles - hosted by DRZ-Hatfield • Champ: Jasondull (runners-up: Littleblack09, pykeebraa)


GT6 Where the vision was born - hosted by Vardz Champ: Pringles (runners-up: N64theStig007, fastboysmith)


GT6 SEASON 6 Race of Champions - Hosted by TB_Williams/Gary61 • 1st: Viperzed (runners-up: razor4797, warrior2167)


GT6 SEASON 6 Race of Second Fiddles - hosted by DRZ-Hatfield • Champ: TRL_hol01 (runners-up: Jim_aka_TheMan, pinoy350)


GT6 Raceonoz Spa 3 hours - hosted by Warrior2167 • Champ: BeauAlbert (runners-up: Konnor McClusky, Warrior2167)


GT6 SEASON 7 Race of Champions - Hosted by TB_Williams • Champ: B-Spec Bob (runners-up: v8power283, viperized)


GT6 SEASON 7 Race of Second Fiddles - hosted by DRZ-Hatfield • Champ: X-WTF_MAN-X (runners-up: BMWf30328i, S54VED )


Wednesday night NASCAR : hosted by Stucar17, 3 race series through December 2015:

* Teams Champ: [ arakasi- & grassies ] ; ( runners up; evilmoon & LittleBlako , N64TheStig007 & ??? )

*Drivers Champ: arakasi- ( runners up: N64TheStig007, grassies )


GT6 SEASON 8 Race of Champions - Hosted by TB_Williams • Champ: B-Spec Bob (runners-up: Bryan_F, Warrior2167)
GT6 SEASON 8 Race of Second Fiddles - hosted by S54VED • Champ: Bluemoon (runners-up: S54VED, Tanky1 )

GT6 Indy 500 (Indy Oval)hosted by arakasi- • Champ: Bryan_F (runners-up: arakasi, MINT_GTR)


GT6 SEASON 9 Race of Champions - Hosted by TB_Williams • Champ: Motorsport560 (runners-up: Warrior2167, B-Spec Bob)


GT6 Rising Sun 500 (Motegi Oval)hosted by arakasi- • Champ: arakasi (runners-up: Bryan_F, cola1001)


GT6 SEASON 10 Race of Champions - Hosted by TB_Williams • Champ: Knuckles (runners-up: Motorsport560, bmx_mtb_boy)


GT6 Touring Car Masters - Bathurst  - hosted by bmx_mtb_boy • Champ: knuckles (runners-up: Bryan_F, bmx_mtb_boy)


GT6 SEASON 11 Race of Champions - Hosted by Bryan_F • Champ: ssman (runners-up: disturboed, warrior2167)


GT6 DAYTONA 500 , Friday 7th April (tuned) - Hosted by Bryan_F • Champ: Incey (runners-up: emmo46, bmx_mtb_boy)


GT6 SEASON 12 Race of Champions - Hosted by Bryan_F • Champ: ssman (runners-up: poppinfresh, StigsTC)


GT6 SEASON 13 Race of Champions - Hosted by Bryan_F • Champ: Hatfield (runners-up: StigsTC, apex2691)


GT6 SEASON 14 Race of Champions - Hosted by Bryan_F • Champ: Bluemoon (runners-up: Hatfield, B-Spec Bob)



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iRLOZ iRacing Official & Community Events 



2011 Tuesday Night Lights Season 9Champ: Dustin Bartlett [OuttaAngst]


2012 ROOZ iRLOZ Season 1Star Mazda Championship - Champ: Dustim Bartlett [OuttaAngst] (runners up: Beau261, KoastR)


2012 iRacing Official - 120 Minutes of Sebring1st: Beau Cubis [Beau216]


2012 iRacing Official - V8SC Season 1 Div 6 - Champ: Bones Phyland [Bonus_888]


2013 ROOZ iRLOZ Clubman CupChamp: Beau Cubis [Beau261] (runners up: KoAStR, OuttaAngst)


2013 iRacing Official - V8SC Season 1 Rookie DivChamp: Jamie Fookes [JamieFookes88]


2013 iRacing Official - V8SC Season 1 Rookie Div - TT Champ: Jamie Fookes [JamieFookes88]


2013-14 ROOZ iRLOZ Legends Road Series (fixed set-up) - Champ: Dave Newman [KoAStR] (runners up: hairybear, Beanie)


2017 iRacing Official - Blancpain Sprint Series Season 3 Division 4  - Champ: Ben Stensrud [The_Spectre]


2017 iRacing - FKAU Australian Speedway League 360 Series  - Champ: Daniel Gow [GOWIE22]


2017 iRacing - Bathurst Enduro - Split 4 Winners: Liam Tipping and Liam Jensen in Car #54




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 GTLOZ Gran Turismo 5 Community Events 2011-13

2011 Super GT Championship - hosted by Leeboy910 & KoAStR • Champ: KoAStR (runners-up: Beau261, OuttaAngst)


2011 OZGT500 (joint ROOZ/OZGT) • Champ: KoAStR (runners-up: Chevwah, Stumbles01) hosted by Anon666


2011 DTM World Tour Series - hosted by Anon666

  • Teams Champ: Nostra's [Neishy4A-GTE + Bonus_888] (runners-up: Starko's [Stumbles01 + Darko ], Bimmer Benders's [Chevwah + Mystline]
  • Drivers Champ: Chevwah (runners-up: Bonus_888, ENFORCER)


2011 Mini Classic Cup (joint ROOZ/OZGT) - hosted by Anon666 • Champ: [tie] Chevwah / Anon666 (runners-up: Bonus_888, Stumbles01)


2012 The Good, The Bad, & The Taily Series (TGTBATT) - hosted by Anon666

  • Teams Champ: NOS [Bonus_888 + Neishy4A-GTE] (runners-up: FrAnk & BEtty [ENFORCER + Anon666], Multiple Scorgasms [Chevwah, CobMcCool])
  • Drivers Champ: Anon666 (runners-up: Neishy4A-GTE, Bonus_888)


2012 DTM 2: The Wrath of Carn!! - hosted by Anon666

  • Teams Champ: Chew [Chevwah + Stucar17] (runners-up: Brown [aussie_man + SNAKEiSM], Menag-a-TTR [Rumbleshorts + Inline + Hosie + Anon666]
  • Drivers Champ: Chevwah (runners-up: SNAKEiSM, Anon666)


The Rumble(shorts) Strip - hosted by Rumbleshorts • Champ: MrTopCat (runners-up: Anon666, TekNiqueAU)


Le Mans 1960's Enduro Event - hosted by Rumbleshorts • 1st: MrTopCat [XJ13] (runners-up: dansequal [330 P4], Aza2672 [330 P4])


2012 Tuesday Night NASCAR - hosted by Stucar17

  • Teams Champ: [MrTopCat + Stucar17] (runners-up: [Cyber_STIG_77 + Aza2672], [ENFORCER_98 + Bonus_888]
  • Drivers Champ: SNAKEiSM (runners-up: Cyber_STIG_77, MrTopCat)


2012 MX-5 Roadster TC Championship - hosted by ENFORCER_98 • Champ: aussie_man21 (runners-up: MrTopCat74, ENFORCER_98)


2012 Spa 60's Enduro 23/9 - hosted by Rumbleshorts • 1st: Cyber_stig77 (runners-up: Barra333, natmanscoop)


2012 Inaugural Kart Series - hosted by Clevohead • Champ: MrTopCat74 (runners-up: SNAKEiSM, aussie_man21)


Chev's Supercar World Tour - hosted by Chevwah • Teams Champ: [MrTopCat + NUGGET-22] (runners-up: [SNAKIiSM + aussie-man21], [Cyber_STIG_77 + colin-50_])


2012 Kart Series 2 - hosted by Clevohead • Champ: Zampli (runners-up: TheStig13, NUGGET-22)


ROOZ Celebratory 2nd Birthday 10th Season mini series

  • Div 1 Champ: Mustafur (runners up: Cyber_STIG_77, CobMcCool)
  • Div 2 Champ: N64TheStig007 (runners up: Floodsim, Barra333)
  • Div 3 Champ: emmo46 (runners up: X-3vi1m00n, S_CLOSE)


ANZAC Day Enduro - hosted by Mustafur & Cyber_STIG_77 • 1st: Vodas888 (runners up: X4rotorsploxX, Bluemoon)


World tour series post Season 11 - hosted by Emmo • Champ: Mustafur (runners up: Anon666, emmo46)


Pussy Cat Sprint Nighthosted by Emmo • 1st: Anon666 (runners up:TTR_Joe90, Zampli)


The German on the Mount Sprint Night - hosted by Emmo • 1st: S_Close (runners up: emmo46, N64TheStig777)



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