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    1. General
    (i) Rules are subject to change as issues come to light, if there is a rule change users will be notified, and the change announced in the main thread

    (ii) All drivers are expected to read and understand each rule, if a driver has any query about any rule he or she is expected to contact or the racing league administrator to clarify the rule

    (iii) Sportsmanlike behaviour is to be conducted at all times, rules are not open to interpretation, they are to be followed as they have been laid out

    (iv) Abuse over voice or chat is strictly forbidden and may result in instant removal from the league

    (v) Talking, chatting or having a running commentary whilst a race is taking place is forbidden as it can easily distract the other drivers, mics are to be used sparingly eg. a quick 'sorry' after a bump, or 'exiting pits' and 'pass left/right' communication with lap traffic is encouraged.

    (vi) Aggressive driving, unfair and unsportsmanlike driving is forbidden, all complaints against drivers will be logged and multiple offenders will be banned from the league

    (vii) Cutting corners or chicanes not in accordance with the rules is not allowed, this includes all areas of the race track and will be treated as unfair driving

    (viii-i) TRACK LIMITS : Track limits are defined as the ripple strips or the white line that defines the edge of the track. Drivers must have at least 2 wheels on the ripple strip or white line at all times. Any driver who INTENTIONALLY or "CONTINUALLY" runs outside these boundaries to gain an advantage will be penalized. Any penalties handed down will be the result of "conclusive" proof of any breech of the rules. See also Track Limits - Definition and Clarification subsequent to this post.

    (viii) The racing line and position of all drivers must be respected

    (ix) If you are being lapped do not attempt to race the passing car. Blue flag rules apply. Meaning you must concede track position to drivers on the lead lap within a reasonable time frame. If you are battling for position with another driver some concession can be made, but at your next available opportunity (such as before the braking zone on a straight), you should concede track position. A rule of thumb for a reasonable time frame is within four corners, unless you can pull away (out of slip stream range) during this time due to fresher tyres for example.

    (x) If you wish to leave the race the drive in question must not 'exit' the race. They are expected to find a portion of the racetrack which will not impede other drivers, park their car their and simply press the 'start' button and wait for the race to end

    (xi) Drivers that fail to observe the race rules will be assessed and if need be displined by the division captain or admin team

    2. In Race
    (i) When entering the pits you must stay within the pit lane

    (ii) When exiting the pits you must stay within the pit out white exit line

    (iii) No overtaking is to take place in the pits

    (iv) Collisions are to be avoided at all costs

    (v) Leaning, pushing or forcing cars off the track in any situation is strictly prohibited

    (vi) Drivers must avoid running into the cars in front of them, if a driver brakes too late and will run into the car behind them the options of bailing out into the grass, gravel or wall must be taken if available to them

    (vii) The driver ahead must not 'brake check' the driver behind, that is; the driver must not brake maliciously in order to force the car behind to crash into them. The ahead driver is allowed to brake early into corners and maintain the racing line

    (viii) If contact does occur and the guilty driver gains place(s) in result of the contact the driver in question must move off the racing line, slow down and allow the innocent driver(s) pass and the next possible point of the racetrack, if this is not carried out then penalties apply

    (ix) If contact occurs and it is unclear who is at fault then racing position prior to the collision must be put in place

    (x) Drivers must respect whom has the racing line when turning into and coming out of a corner, the driver which has the inside of a corner has the entrance advantage, other drivers must respect the driving line and avoid a collision

    (xii) When an overtake occurs the leading driver is expected to return to the racing line without endangering the car they have just passed

    (xiii) When an overtake occurs and the passing driver brakes late and overshoots a corner they are not to turn sharply back into the racing line if it endangers any cars behind them who have maintained the racing line

    (xiv) The lead driver has the right to defend their race position within reason, they have the right maintain their choice of racing line into and out of a corner, choose their position they wish to drive on a straight, they are not allowed to drastically change their line in a corner in order to prevent the car behind from passing resulting in a collision or the car behind having to resort to driving off the track to avoid an accident. They are allowed to make ONE tactful change of line in approaching a corner to defend their position.

    (xiv-i) SWERVING : A driver may NOT swerve from side to side at any point of the track, to prevent the following car from gaining the tow. Drivers may make ONE change of direction and then maintain that line till the next corner. Drivers making more than 1 change to their line with the obvious intent of stopping the following car from gaining the draft, causing contact or forcing others to take evasive action, may me penalized post race.

    (xv) The lead driver has the right to drive the defensive line around the track if they so wish, forcing the driver to attack on the outside, this is acceptable race etiquette

    (xvi) If you create an error when driving (i.e. going wide on a corner) and in result are passed the another driver(s), do not retaliate and attempt to collide with the passing driver

    (xvii) If an incident occurs, you are expected to return to the track in a manner which does not interfere with other cars still on the track, and incident can be said to include but not limited to;
    a: Spinning out
    b: facing the wrong way
    c: perpendicular to the track
    d: being penalized by the in-game penalty system

    (xviii) When returning to the track estimate how long it will take you to return to an acceptable speed then use in HUD map to check where other cars are in relation to yours, only return to the track when you think you have sufficient time to do so without interfering with any other cars

    (xix) Return to the track parallel to the road, it is easy to spin when going from grass to tarmac so do so gently and carefully

    (xx) If you are stuck in a position where you must reverse back onto the track allow all cars to pass first, estimate this could take anywhere up to 20 seconds so ensure that the HUD map is used so you do not interfere with any other drivers while completing this manoeuvre

    (xxi) If you need to make a complaint against a driver you are expected to follow these procedures
    1: Contact the driver you are making a complaint against and attempt to resolve the issue via PSN PM or whim
    2: If you are unable to do so, contact your division captain or an admin via PM only using the heading "Racing Complaint"
    3: In the complaint message you are to supply the following information;
    a: Member PSN Tag and if known Whirlpool Username
    b: Time and date of the incident
    c: Car driven by driver
    d: Any details of the incident and what you think happened

    (xxiii) Incidents are NOT to be discussed in the Racing League thread, they are to be done via PM ONLY

    3. Division Captains Responsibilities
    1: The division captain must distribute a contact email address to all racers within their division
    2: They must add all racers within their division to their friend list
    3: The captain is responsible to discuss a suitable time to race for ALL drivers within their division
    4: Once a time is selected the captain must inform all drivers within their division the time and date of the race by PSN PM AND Whirlpool Whim
    5: The captain is responsible for discussion regarding any extra internal division races that may take place throughout the week
    5: The captain must record each weeks race for complaint handling and archiving
    6: The captain must select one other racer each week to save the replay of the current weeks race
    7: The captain is responsible to create the e-lounge 15 MINUTES prior to the agreed starting time, making all the necessary adjustments to the race settings (see above)
    8: The captain is the first point of contact for complaint handling, if the captain is involved in the complaint then another division captain will be contacted, once a complaint is received the captain must inform of other captains and admins via the Racing League email

    4. Division Structure
    (i) Divisions will be split up based on lap time submitted in the qualifier
    (ii) As many divisions as required to host all drivers registered for the season will be in place, 1,2,3,4,5,6 where 1 is the highest and 6 is the lowest.
    (iii) Divisions will consist of roughly 12-14 drivers depending on platform server slots, and grid spots.
    (iv) In the event of a full division sub divisions will be created, they will be classified Gold, Silver and Bronze where Gold is the highest and Bronze is the lowest
    (v) Subdivisions will only be created when needed
    (vi) In the event that a division is full but the newly created subdivision only has a small number of racers the participants will be moved into the next highest division, therefore;
    A division or sub division may not contain less than 6 racers and no more than the server allows e.g. 16 for Gran Turismo.
    (vii) Changing division 'in season' is not allowed

    5. Typical Season Structure
    (i) Races will take place on an agreed night at an agreed time
    (ii) Races will typically last around 30 to 40 minutes
    (iii) All divisions will race the same track in the same car creating a league wide competition
    (iv) The track will alter each week however typically the car will not
    (v) The car may not be altered in anyway whatsoever unless expressly permitted in season regulations.
    (vi) The point structure will be defined for each season, an example is as follows
    12th - 4
    13th - 3
    14th - 2
    15th - 1
    Fastest Lap in Division Race 1 point
    Pole Position 1 point

    (x) Racers who do not start race will receive a DNS (Did Not Start) and will receive zero (0) points

    (xi) In the event of a drawn points at the end of the season the user who has the most consistent high place finishes will be deemed the winner.
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    Locked, please ask any questions in a seperate thread.
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    Adding to rules and regs......

    This is just a rough guide of what to expect if you are found guilty of doing the wrong thing during our official league races.

    Should somebody appeal the race results, the mod team will review the race via replay and come up with a FAIR decision. If you decide to protest the result of your race please follow the following guide.....

    A drive through (approx 25 secs) will be added to your time if a penalty is warranted for EACH offence. (DTP)
    Continual rule breaches could result in a disqualification (DSQ)
    Repeat offenders from round to round could be suspended from the league. (susp)

    1. PUSHING ANOTHER CAR TO GAIN POSITION. Drive through penalty PER offence. Time will be added to your finishing time.

    2. PUSHING ANOTHER DRIVER OFF TRACK. Drive through penalty PER offence. Time will be added to your finishing time.

    3. CORNER CUTTING TO GAIN POSITION. Drive through penalty PER offence. Time will be added to you finishing time.

    4. CORNER CUTTING. CONSISTANT corner cutting to gain advantage will result in disqualification from the results for that round.

    5. INTENTIONAL HITTING OR ROUGH DRIVING. Race disqualification and further sanction to be determined by mod team.

    6. USE OF TIRE OUTSIDE OF SEASON REGULATIONS (where applicable). Race Disqualification.

    7. DRIVER ABUSE DURING THE RACE. Penalty to be determined by mod team.

    8. GENERAL POOR DRIVING. Driver will be approached by mod team via PM so the driver can be made aware of their driving with a view to improve it !

    Of course if you REDRESS on track at the time then the penalty will withdrawn so long as there are no other issues for other drivers.

    For any new drivers please don't look at this as rules set by the fun police !! Its just a way of knowing before each season what the penalties are for a breach of the rules so it doesn't look like we are making it up as we go along.

    We are striving for everyone to have the best racing / driving experience available to them, so rules are there for no other reason than to reach that goal. There is nothing worse than a driver having their race ruined by a bad pass, or someone trying to win the race in the first corner.

    The following link was taken from GTPLANET and is worth reading as well if you are new to all of this.

    The easiest way to look at it guys is to be aware of other cars around you, and GIVE THEM ROOM. Its better to let someone past, and continue the fight rather than defend at all costs and have it all go pear-shaped !

    That said, accidents DO happen just make sure if you are at fault you do the right thing by the drivers in your division and the league in general

    Mod team
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    Bump. Rules and Regs collated by @Crunch encompassing various threads for racing and forum rules, including posts and links above into one source.

    Collated ROOZ Rules & Regs v2.0

    Document link posted for reference only and does not constitute full endorsement of its content. Where any discrepancies exist between this document and the rules, regulations, and GUIDELINES expressed in this and hyperlinked official forums threads, the official forums govern.
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    Track Limits - Definition and Clarification

    It's generally accepted at ROOZ that two wheels must remain on the track at all times, and that parts of the track include contrast-striped ripple strips and solid white lines, but not sausage curbs or solid coloured curbs outside ripple strips (which are purpose designed deterrents) - clarification examples:
    1. Where there is a solid white line and a ripple strip, four wheels can go outside the white line so long as two wheels remain on the ripple strip.
    2. Where there is a ripple strip and a sausage curb or judder bar, all four wheels can be on the ripple strip, but only two wheels can mount the sausage curb or run over judder bar.
    3. Where there is only a solid white line, two wheels must stay within or on the line.
    Two wheels still on track - no offence:

    All four wheels outside track limits offence - may attract post race penalty:

    Here's a good example of driving to the edge of track limits. You'll see legitimate racing lines where all four wheels off the tarmac while mounting ripple strips here, but never more than two wheels cut inside the ripple strip.

    Leaving the track is not an offence in itself, but if a driver does so he must re-join the track safety and without gaining any lasting advantage. So occasionally exceeding track limits is ok we don't expect robot precision and won't be scrutinising to the centimetre but blatant and gross abuse of track for advantage may attract a post race time penalty in the order of a drive through. Track limits are usually purpose designed to reduce momentum and hence any possible advantage. So leniency may apply for driving on sausage curbs or judders as this is generally slower anyway, but having four wheels non-track side to completely dodge these features is definitely a penalise-able offence for gross abuse of track limits.

    There will sometimes be locations that need to be addressed on a case by case basis. Typically these include areas usually around pit entry/exit lanes where still on the tarmac there may solid colour track features, solid white lines, or broken white lines, but without judders to upset the car as a deterrent. Generally speaking solid white lines define track limits as above, and broken lines or other features will be addressed on a case by case basis in your season thread.

    If in doubt ask for clarification in your season thread or keep two wheels inside these boundary features!
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